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Andrew Pilkington
Andrew Pilkington 15 Jul 2021
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Mandated Kill Switch & Speed Limiter for Cars
09 Dec 2021
Mandated Kill Switch & Speed Limiter for Cars
srmgin · 66 Views

14.07.2021 - "FULL" Examination of 2nd "CONTAMINATED" Paper Face Mask


⁣PLEASE STOP dropping theses damned things in the Streets and Gardens. THEY ARE DANGEROUS, so dispose of them properly, if you feel you have to wear one?

It wasn't just the odd one, here. There were quite a Lot of them. What do you make of these things?

Here is my Full Microscopic Analysis on an Unused "Weian" Face Mask, which was kindly given me by a Local Care Worker, straight from the box. I had 2x Witnesses in the room while I did the Microscopic Analysis on this Face Mask and I can assure you that there is NO fraud or tampering on My / Our part. We're just not that bloody clever.

I can fully understand why people choose not to follow this line of research because it seems so bloody Insane to consider that this is going on in the background, but it is and we cannot just sweep this to one side, as if it doesn't exist.
Some of us are obliged to have to follow this. I'm no expert, but I'm Learning from observation.

Here's a link to my Free NHS Mask Analysis:


Here's a link to the Slovak Republic Study on the Nasal Swabs, which I am including here fyi, as I am sure these are related...


Dr. Vernon Coleman's FREE ebook "Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good":

##### ##### ##### #####

"CAUTION" NOTE TO ALL: To save on facing hostilities, "DO NOT" blurt out to people that COVID-19 is not real. Test the water first. I have come across far too many people now, who are saying they know people who have it or who have died from it. They do NOT want to hear it from the likes of us because they have either been told that COVID-19 is/was the Cause, by an NHS Doctor, or they've seen it on a Death Certificate, eitherway, they honestly believe that NHS Doctor's would NEVER in a Million years, Lie to anyone or falsify a Death Certificate?
Us telling them that Covid IS a Fraud, just serves to convince them all the more, that Covid is Very Real indeed and that "We" are the Problem that Mainstream and Government make us out to be.
We can't even attempt to show them Testimonies or even Government Statistics, because they do not want to know and they WILL defend their New Cult God COVID's Priests and Minions.
I do not Trust these people in the slightest.

If you are still on Facebook? Please join our Public Group "Worldwide Awakening", or at least Share material you see on there? It's there Purely, to get the Truth out there asap, while they allow the group to exist?

Special thanks also, to:
1) "Dr Vernon Coleman" at " " and "" and on Brand New Tube " ".
2) "UK Column" at " " and on BitChute as "UK Column News". "SAFE OPTION FOR WHISTLEBLOWERS".
3) Max Igan ("thecrowhouse"), at " ", on BitChute and Odysee.

"Wonderful People", and there are a good few others who may occasionally get a mention in some of my videos. Thank you, all.

My links:
1) "Roo63" on BitChute ... " " .
2) "Roo63" / "Andrew Pilkington" on Brand New Tube ... " ".
3) "Worldwide Awakening (Roo63)" on LBRY / Odysee ... " ⁣ " .
4) “AndiRoo63” on Twitter ... " " .
5) "Worldwide Awakening" on Facebook ("Public" Group) ... " " .
6) "Andrew Pilkington" on Facebook ... " ".
I gave up trying to keep "Roo63" as a name, it just wasn't available or allowed?
If they show my name, who cares :)
7) "Roo63" on YouTube (TEMPORARILY?) ... " ". I haven't a clue why they re-activated our accounts, but I don't like it.

Videos are Free to Share / Mirror etc., if you wish, providing there's no malice.
It is not about the Shares, Views, Likes, Money etc., because I do all this off my own back.
It's pure and simply about getting the word out and Waking people up.

Silence "IS" Consent and Knowledge "IS" Power, so use it wisely.
Stay Strong. Do NOT give Consent and Refuse to Comply.
Peaceful Civil Disobedience :)

All the best and thanks for viewing :D

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Mandated Kill Switch & Speed Limiter for Cars
09 Dec 2021
Mandated Kill Switch & Speed Limiter for Cars
srmgin · 66 Views