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Andrew Pilkington
Andrew Pilkington 20 Jun 2021
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Registered Nurse - A Covid Vaccination Catastrophe Is Being Covered Up PLEASE SHARE
29 Jul 2021
Registered Nurse - A Covid Vaccination Catastrophe Is Being Covered Up PLEASE SHARE
TheTruthHunter · 328 Views

16th & 18th June 2021 - Rowlands Pharmacy (re. Contaminated COVID Nasal Swabs)


⁣On Wednesday last week (16.06.2021), I phoned a "Rowlands Pharmacy" in Darlington, regarding the "Ethylene-Oxide" Contamination on the Nasopharyngeal COVID-19 "Test" Swabs, Just to test the water and with a view to just have someone there, actually "Read" the Packet?

Initially, that looked promising, so I phoned again on Friday (18.06.2021), to see how the Lass had got on.

They are complicit in Murder and not even prepared to give it a 2nd thought, instead leaving it up to those at the Top to TELL them if Something was Wrong?
"I am just doing what I've been told".
I got more than I bargained for and was left Gobsmacked.
This Lass was not the Pharmacist / Chemist, but see what you think? :)

I initially phoned up about my prescription, so the Personal part of the conversation was removed from the beginning of the 1st Audio clip.

##### ##### ##### #####

"CAUTION" NOTE TO ALL: To save on facing hostilities, "DO NOT" blurt out to people that COVID-19 is not real. Test the water first. I have come across far too many people now, who are saying they know people who have it or who have died from it. They do NOT want to hear it from the likes of us because they have either been told that COVID-19 is/was the Cause, by an NHS Doctor, or they've seen it on a Death Certificate, eitherway, they honestly believe that NHS Doctor's would NEVER in a Million years, Lie to anyone or falsify a Death Certificate?
Us telling them that Covid IS a Fraud, just serves to convince them all the more, that Covid is Very Real indeed and that "We" are the Problem that Mainstream and Government make us out to be.
We can't even attempt to show them Testimonies or even Government Statistics, because they do not want to know and they WILL defend their New Cult God COVID's Priests and Minions.
I do not Trust these people in the slightest.

If you are still on Facebook? Please join our Public Group "Worldwide Awakening", or at least Share material you see on there? It's there Purely, to get the Truth out there asap, while they allow the group to exist?

Special thanks also, to:
1) "Dr Vernon Coleman" at " " and "" and on Brand New Tube " ".
2) "UK Column" at " " and on BitChute as "UK Column News". "BEST and SAFEST OPTION FOR WHISTLEBLOWERS".
3) Max Igan ("thecrowhouse"), at " ", on BitChute and Odysee.

"Wonderful People", and there are a good few others who may occasionally get a mention in some of my videos. Thank you, all.

More Info on the Subject/s covered:-
UK Sky Watch, at " ".
And, many others :)


My links:
1) "Roo63" on BitChute ... " " .
2) "Roo63" / "Andrew Pilkington" on Brand New Tube ... " ".
3) "Worldwide Awakening (Roo63)" on LBRY / Odysee ... " " .
4) “AndiRoo63” on Twitter ... " " .
5) "Worldwide Awakening" on Facebook ("Public" Group) ... " " .
6) "Andrew Pilkington" on Facebook ... " ".
I gave up trying to keep "Roo63" as a name, it just wasn't available or allowed?
If they show my name, who cares :)
7) "Roo63" on YouTube (TEMPORARILY?) ... " ". I haven't a clue why they re-activated our accounts, but I don't like it.

Videos are Free to Share / Mirror etc., if you wish, providing there's no malice.
It is not about the Shares, Views, Likes, Money etc., because I do all this off my own back.
It's pure and simply about getting the word out and Waking people up.

Silence "IS" Consent and Knowledge "IS" Power, so use it wisely.
Stay Strong. Do NOT give Consent and Refuse to Comply.
Peaceful Civil Disobedience :)

All the best and thanks for viewing :D

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Billco 13 days ago

give it up mate no wonder you disabled comments on you so called finds in the masks thats a nuff to give others a bad name for me you will be ovoded from now on

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pedronumerouno 1 month ago

there was three un choppers escorted by a fourth bubble cab chopper over battersea park sept 2019. heading in general direction of isreal's white phosfur factory in essex. saddat aint got any but we know some on else who does. and hey fly it over london to the airport in a twin rotor chinook. why was white phosfur being leaked out of isreali choppers flying over london, or throttling back in bound jets, which is a lot more worse than throttled engines, as the unburned fuel still goes through the engine to be deposeted in a blanket of silica and various noxious chems, thats in aviation fuel. funny in the heathrow enquiry for third runway they never mentioned it. only dirty brand new diesel taxis n diesel cars, which not long before the in zionist pay gov said go to euro 6 or get finned and slapped with short arses london zone, which is designed to price plebs of the roads. why o one asked how comes short arse got the bill n 1/2 social housing fund last time round, yet not on social housing mud hut has been erected but our corupt gov, gave a minister the nod to avoid paying council tax on his under the table sale of uk.plc assets. im hoping to find out who and when and whoelse was involved in the collective theft and fraudulent purchase of several parts of battersea. theres the village hall, usually built on common land as was but given over for the purpose of the plebs, weekend piss up n geting ball n chain section shin dig. village hall for the plebs on pleb land. as long as its for a pleb cause its ok, but thers also the asset strippedand sold off NHS, asset stripped by the zionist osbourne, using laws etc amended over time by our war crimmie, so by the time master crimmie gideon george osbourne was put into power using mr gullable ca moron as frontman, ready for the great zionist banker fraud of 2008, aided by a member of the whaterver osbourne, who facilitate the fraudulent theft and subsequent fraudulent re funding of non bankrupt banks. it was a zionist rothchilds scamdemic
without fauci or fergusen, both been rinsing hs since 2001. this was a hank paulson and bush production. im sure he blowing our bow tony after press meetings, because he put two words in a sentance, with thrty seven ers nhmm n ughs in it. the cia hadnt got their ear pieces in tune, as they clerly do now.. . JOE your on tv, EH, if you see that biden bloke i want a word with him. cut.

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pedronumerouno 1 month ago

andrew is that you watching flightradar? the neuk flight etc. if so, please do me a flavour keep watching it, esp the jet in several parts of the world at same time. or any others like it. if my memory serves me right, they will import foreign soldiers to put on the streets to impose military control. they will be seen as enemy invasion, and treat accordingly.. whats left of our military are under house arrest confined to barracks, or on a mish. or trying to anoy the chinese andrussians. there plan was/ is to use other country troops in other countries, to avoid any conflicts of loyalties to a grunts family, country and as you prob know by now. our military has been asset stripped and made redundant or on standby retainer. thats prob in case the zionist owned nato needs cannon fodder like in hellmund. we are aware of several military bases were the zionist states of america, have been given permish to operate from. if you rem harry dunn killed by a cia spooks wife at raf crighton. then one of their puppets domonic rabb lied to local cops to let her evade justice, he told them the spooks wife and spooks have diplomatic immunity. bollocks, foerign agents oppo on others soil do so at same risk as plebs, there is no such thing as diplomatic immunity for spooks. rabb lied to help out his paymasters. the cia is not a yank org, it. belongs to the zionist rothchilds, the last time senate asked to see were all the tax payers money was going, a miracle happened, a terroristy type us gov employee dropped a photoshopped ( baddly done) cutout image of a jet shape into the accounts dept of pentagon. oh look what those nasties did. hmmm, hanging a o,d tarp over the under ground car park entrance does not make a jet landing on top of it. plus the borrowed stunt fire/ flame thrower, was pointing in wrong directin, and downed craft dont make plane shaped sillouettes,without a plane. and who ever heard of a plane dropping virtically outa sky to belly flop. hmmm me thinks bad photo shop person lost his job. please keep an eye o those type of flights esp into uk, or bouncing through. those three letter agencies use military garbed wings with silly non id - id. that way we will never know they were not here. DOH!!

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Title 18 USC3n4
Title 18 USC3n4 1 month ago

GREAT VIDEO..... thank you very much, and for the LINKS.... also benefical for us "care to share" people....
Exemple.... one of the links went to what I call a "RAP UP" statement, that I picked... is....
[Quoting under "International Fair USE Laws" for news and educational purposes....]

"⁣But behind all this PCR testing nonsense remains the inescapable scientific fact that no swab – be it administered via the nose or the mouth – can be an effective tool in detecting a virus. We know this because there is ample data proving:"


"⁣In short, the PCR swabs are not fit for purpose, they do NOT detect infection by COVID19 and this renders the whole exercise of swab testing as pointless from a detection and clinical identification viewpoint. However, it may make perfect sense if the actual (hidden) purpose of the nasal swab was to insidiously infect and harm the patient with nanotechnological devices for personal tracking, uninformed vaccination and population control."

NOW... I don't even have to MENTION the fake "virus" is actually just "dead matter," cecreated by a unhealthy, and or, dying cells!

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wongowonga 1 month ago

Quite shocking coming from a phamacist. I had the same reaction when I tried telling the mother in law that covid is a hoax.

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Title 18 USC3n4
Title 18 USC3n4 1 month ago

I found out that telling the "puppets," even the loveable ones about the vaxxes first, brakes the ice faster! TAKE the to the vaxx sites and SHOW them the "NOT licenced for distributions. and the PEG, and....."I found out that telling the "puppets," even the loveable ones about the vaxxes first, brakes the ice faster! . . . .FACT MOST ALL of the "experimental" pretended vaxxes (and I can't call them vaccines, because they ARE NOT, in any way STOPPING the Planndamnic, nor stop the TRANSMISSION of any Covid 19 virus, ALL have Nanits /NANO Particulates, in them that are "CODED to DO more HARM than the stabbed, want to begin to understand. This Nation's National Pastime is.... Denial River wading at it's FINEST here the the SUPPOSED "smartest nation(S) in the world! AND ONE THIRD of this (and most other,) nation(S) are TOP Contenders for a "Gold Metal" in Denial River Wading. And that IS NOT A JOKE! IT is a FLIPPING CRYING SHAME! MOST ALL have vaxxes contain PEG... which is a POISON to all vertebrates in this world, and more so INJECTED into their bodies! MOST ALL have..... "Polycation polymers, including polyamidoamine, polyethylenimine (PEI), and mannosylated PEI, are used to assemble with MSNs for gene delivery. The loading capacity of electronegative nucleic acid increases with surface modification of MSNs with polycations." [end of copied and pasted.] THAT IS PEG, as it is a Poly-carbon or PEI Poly-ethylen-imine! AND... Polycations bind to the negatively charged surface of mammalian cells due to a polarization effect, causing charge neutralization, as well as cell distortion, cell lysis, and cell agglutination. From: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Reviews on Cancer, 2011" [end of copied and pasted.] THEY CAUSE "CELL DISTORTION, IE Cancer or any of it's other made up names, so QUACTORS, and puppet handlers aka... PIGGY PHARMA can SUCK the Money out of "BRAIN WASHED" people! MOST ALL have..... TRANSFECTION "Broadly defined, transfection is the process of artificially introducing nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) into cells, utilizing means other than viral infection." [end of copied and pasted.] THESE.... FAKE Vaccines ARE THE INFECTIONS!

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Registered Nurse - A Covid Vaccination Catastrophe Is Being Covered Up PLEASE SHARE
29 Jul 2021
Registered Nurse - A Covid Vaccination Catastrophe Is Being Covered Up PLEASE SHARE
TheTruthHunter · 328 Views