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Microsoft, 2016: "We can program complex behaviors using DNA"
01 Mar 2021
Microsoft, 2016: "We can program complex behaviors using DNA"
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2013-2016 Prepping prophesy fulfilled 2016 Vision of Toilet tissue over $100 darkness job layoffs


In my dream in 2016 toilet tissue was selling for $100 and we couldn't buy it with a card. In my dream I saw layoffs at my job in 2016; we had a meeting of the last set of workers at work and there was extreme darkness of the type impossible to describe. The layoffs, toilet tissue and the extreme darkness was in the same dream. (That prophesy of layoffs came in 2019, over 10000 voluntary separated from my job including myself and more job closings announced in 2020. Many CEOs resigning, being severed, many homeless laid off workers happening past few years). Regarding the pitch black, darkness dream I had, we could see nothing to find our way back, not any flicker of light anywhere whatsoever. In another dream in 2016 there was UFO type flying saucers in the sky spitting fire type beams on the people running and covering their heads.

Zechariah 9 v 14 And the LORD shall be seen over them, and his arrow shall go forth as the lightning: and the Lord GOD shall blow the trumpet, and shall go with the whirlwinds of the south. 2 Edras 16v13 For strong is his right hand that bendeth the bow, his arrows that he shooteth are sharp, and shall not miss, when they begin to be shot into the ends of the world.

One government said preppers dooms day warners were conspiracy theorists. Another government punished the doctor who warned about the outbreak of coronavirus at its early stages. They punished him now that doctor is dead.
Novel predicts coronavirus in Wuhan China

In Jamaica a few years ago a person warned that the market was going to burn down. The vendors didn't listen. The market burned down a few daya later and they lost their goods.

Mother warns son not to go to the river, son drowns

2020 Toilet Paper Tissue fights, price gouging, scarcity happening now, panic around the world

Toilet Paper $99

Toilet Tissue $150

Prepare for frequent power cuts like has been happening and for it to get worse like in Venezuela, California etc "rich countries" will be worse than "Third World".

Europe asks how are we going to eat?

Food bank lines in USA stretch for miles

CLOTH BABY NAPPIES Diapers and diaper pins for both babies and elderly in case you can't go out and disposable diapers are used up

Climate change prophesied thousands of years ago

Jamaicans Isrealites warned recently 4 months ago before coronavirus to prepare for disaster

Coronavirus Covid19 in Bible prophesy Asia too how to pray against it and treatments in the notes section of this video

How to handle inhome infection and quarantine

It's gonna rain Grace Thrillers you better get ready you better get right

9 months ago I had to fast pray beg the Most High to send rain to Jamaica in spite of the wickedness going on there

Master Herbalist Patrick Delves 21 day mucus less diet

James 5 Woe to the rich started a few years back prophesy fulfilling now and will continue

Get your money out of 401k etc depending on your age , the market crash you lose, housing market crash you lose, you buy insurance it don't pay claims be self sufficient , avoid all things with usury offered by any one of those nations listed in Psalm 83

First US Bank falls due to coronavirus

Insurance is a scam

Suicides Depression anxiety domestic violence, stress, heal the Bible way

Jobs who can't work from home

Job cuts and business failures happening too

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Microsoft, 2016: "We can program complex behaviors using DNA"
01 Mar 2021
Microsoft, 2016: "We can program complex behaviors using DNA"
Silview media · 87 Views