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Andrew Pilkington
Andrew Pilkington 02 May 2021
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EP21: The Great Reset- You'll Own Nothing And Be Happy
16 Jun 2021
EP21: The Great Reset- You'll Own Nothing And Be Happy
Asher Cowan · 0 Views

22.04.2021 (1610 to 1700) - NEUK - USAF and RAF Fumigate Northern England


⁣For the 2nd consecutive day, the Royal Air Force's "ZH101" really excels, with both sets of circles visible at the same time. What a bloody mess!
They fly these tight left turns quite often over Northumbria and over "Doggersbank", in the North Sea? All under the "NATO" Callsign? So, why these Chems and why now? Smartdust?
Doggersbank rings visible / first noticed at 1618.
Northumbrian rings visible / first noticed at 1654, when ZH101 was on it's flight home. The Doggersbank rings were still visible.

Stung Heavily by the USAF, leaving the Chemtrails from both Air Forces disperse side by side.

1) United States Air Force (USAF) ... 07-7189 / ICAO AE20CA ... a Boeing C-17A Globemaster III flying at around 32,000 ft and using Callsign " RCH921 " @ 1612.
2) Royal Air Force (RAF) ... ZH101 / ICAO 43C39F ... a Boeing E-3D Sentry AEW1 flying at around 31,000 ft and using Callsign "NATO31" @ 1628.

ZH101's Chemicals were switched off as it came towards me. Right over Darlington.

OPEN MINDED (NOT Craziness):
This is World War III guys, whether you choose to accept it, or not. Fact is, the Enemy know it and they are a lot closer than we think.
Our Countries have been Invaded using:

1) Psychological Warfare
2) Biological and Nano Warfare
3) Chemical Warfare
4) Weather Warfare
5) Spiritual Warfare
6) Terrorism
7) Genocide / Mass Murder / "Human Sacrifice"
8) Illegal Human DNA Experimentation
9) Forced Collapse of Societies
10) Forced Collapse of Economies
WORLDWIDE = "WORLD WAR" and "WE" are the ones under Heavy Attack from all this shit under the Umbrella of their Satanic Covid Faith / Religion / "Cult"?

But, still here and still trying to help others see for themselves what's taking place. Most will never wake up more's the pity, they don't want to and that makes them Dangerous to the few of us who are in the Rabbit Hole, Exiled. For now anyway.

Special thanks also, to the "World Doctor's Alliance" ("WDA") at " ", the "UK Medical Freedom Alliance" ("UKMFA") at " " and on Facebook, "Covileaks Uk" at " ", "World Freedom Alliance" at " " and "Dr Vernon Coleman", on Brand New Tube and at " " for nearly keeping me sane through this SCAMdemic. "Wonderful People" and there are a good few others, too, who get a mention in some of my videos (most still waiting to be aired, but my views aren't important anyway).

More Info on the Subject/s covered:-
UK Sky Watch, at " ".
Max Igan ("thecrowhouse"), at " ".
Mark Devlin, at " ".
And, so many more :)


My links:
1) "Roo63" on BitChute ... " " .
2) "Roo63" / "Andrew Pilkington" on Brand New Tube ... " ".
3) "Worldwide Awakening (Roo63)" on LBRY / Odysee ... " " .
4) “AndiRoo63” on Twitter ... " " .
5) "Worldwide Awakening" on Facebook ("Public" Group) ... " " .
6) "Andrew Pilkington" on Facebook ... " ".
I gave up trying to keep "Roo63" as a name, it just wasn't available or allowed?
If they show my name, who cares :)

Videos are Free to Share / Mirror etc., if you wish, providing there's no malice.
It is not about the Shares, Views, Likes, Money etc., because I do all this off my own back.
It's pure and simply about getting the word out and Waking people up.

Silence "IS" Consent and Knowledge "IS" Power, so use it wisely.
Stay Strong. Do NOT give Consent and Refuse to Comply.
Peaceful Civil Disobedience :)

All the best and thanks for viewing :D

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EP21: The Great Reset- You'll Own Nothing And Be Happy
16 Jun 2021
EP21: The Great Reset- You'll Own Nothing And Be Happy
Asher Cowan · 0 Views