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Andrew Pilkington
Andrew Pilkington 15 May 2021
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The vaccine programme is harassment, coercion and sinister.
14 Jun 2021
The vaccine programme is harassment, coercion and sinister.

22.04.2021 (1610 to 1830) - USAF, RAF and EFS had a dump on us. Chemical, of course


⁣So, this is what we were left with and, as you can see, this video has taken me a while, for which I apologise.
In the meantime, "NATO32" stung Darlington on the 13th May (footage recorded), this time the RAF's "ZH103" was the Culprit.

For the 2nd consecutive day, the Royal Air Force's "ZH101" (as "NATO31") really excels, with both sets of circles visible at the same time. What a bloody mess!
They fly these tight left turns quite often over Northumbria and over "Doggersbank", in the North Sea? All under the "NATO" Callsign? So, why these Chems and why now? Smartdust?
Doggersbank rings visible / first noticed at 1618.
Northumbrian rings visible / first noticed at 1654, when ZH101 was on it's flight home. The Doggersbank rings were still visible.

Stung Heavily by the USAF, too, with the Chemtrails from both Air Forces trails dispersing side by side.

1) United States Air Force (USAF) ... 07-7189 / ICAO AE20CA ... a Boeing C-17A Globemaster III flying at around 32,000 ft and using Callsign " RCH921 " @ 1612.
2) Royal Air Force (RAF) ... ZH101 / ICAO 43C39F ... a Boeing E-3D Sentry AEW1 flying at around 31,000 ft and using Callsign "NATO31" @ 1628.

ZH101's Chemicals were switched off as it came towards me. Right over Darlington.
3) EFS European Flight Services AB (EUW) ... SE-DJG / ICAO 4A9147 ... an Embraer Legacy 600 flying at around 38,000 ft and using Callsign "EUW0429" @ 1825.

Look, we are right slap dab in the middle of a full-blown World War, whether you want to know about it or not and we are ALL under direct Attack.
This is World War III guys and their Goal is Satanic too, irrespective of what you Believe or think. Fact is, the Enemy Believe deeply in it and the people involved are a lot closer than we think.
They are Destroying the Whole World under the guise of their "COVID-19", which their own Statistics Prove to be a "Category" Name, covering everything from the Common Cold to Pneumonia and Everything "Respiratory". It is NEVER going to End unless "We" ALL Refuse to comply.

They are pushing their Fraudulent Climate Change Agenda alongside their COVID-19 Agenda, all to their Goal of their "New World Order" and their "Great Reset", so prepare for "Climate Lockdowns", coming to a World near you. There is less CO2 nin the Atmosphere because they have coerced almost everyone, to suffocate themselves. So, Hypoxia and Bacterial Pneumonia will likely be added to their Next Thrilling Instalment of "COVID...".

Special thanks also, to:
1) "Dr Vernon Coleman" at " " and "" and on Brand New Tube " ".
2) "UK Column" at " " and on BitChute as "UK Column News". "BEST and SAFEST OPTION FOR WHISTLEBLOWERS".
3) Max Igan ("thecrowhouse"), at " ", on BitChute and Odysee.

"Wonderful People", and there are a good few others who may occasionally get a mention in some of my videos. Thank you, all.

More Info on the Subject/s covered:-
UK Sky Watch, at " ".
And, many others :)


My links:
1) "Roo63" on BitChute ... " " .
2) "Roo63" / "Andrew Pilkington" on Brand New Tube ... " ".
3) "Worldwide Awakening (Roo63)" on LBRY / Odysee ... " " .
4) “AndiRoo63” on Twitter ... " " .
5) "Worldwide Awakening" on Facebook ("Public" Group) ... " " .
6) "Andrew Pilkington" on Facebook ... " ".
I gave up trying to keep "Roo63" as a name, it just wasn't available or allowed?
If they show my name, who cares :)
7) "Roo63" on YouTube (TEMPORARILY?) ... " ". I haven't a clue why they re-activated our accounts, but I don't like it.

Videos are Free to Share / Mirror etc., if you wish, providing there's no malice.
It is not about the Shares, Views, Likes, Money etc., because I do all this off my own back.
It's pure and simply about getting the word out and Waking people up.

Silence "IS" Consent and Knowledge "IS" Power, so use it wisely.
Stay Strong. Do NOT give Consent and Refuse to Comply.
Peaceful Civil Disobedience :)

All the best and thanks for viewing :D

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Calea 18 hours ago

*sigh* Sometimes a contrail is just a contrail. It's called exhaust and that is the end product of combustion. And it's the combustion that feeds the engines and provides flight. How in hell else can any aircraft function without combustion to provide flight? Duh.

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Vikmvp 19 hours ago

bio agents mixed with sarine antrax and heavy metals,

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fcm2 17 days ago

⁣Fair play to you mate.The nuts and blots.The threads and wires. When studied closely it informs you it's a frankenstein man made monster. Fair play to you mate. Again.

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Cilantro16 27 days ago humanity is awakening, and THEY can not stop it!

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Berda 29 days ago

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The vaccine programme is harassment, coercion and sinister.
14 Jun 2021
The vaccine programme is harassment, coercion and sinister.