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Andrew Pilkington
Andrew Pilkington 04 Mar 2021
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Brain mapping and manipulation on a world wide scale.
19 Apr 2021
Brain mapping and manipulation on a world wide scale.
Te Tao Michel · 0 Views

26.02.2021 (1249 to 1300) - NEUK - 4x Unidentified Jets and a Lufthansa, caught Spraying


In Other

⁣We saw a FB post later saying that they were F15's, but there was nothing on Radar so your guess is as good as any?
Can you confirm what type of Aircraft these are? :)

Also featuring:
1) Lufthansa (DLH) ... D-AIXB / ICAO 3C6702 ... an Airbus A350-941 flying at around 39,000 ft and using Callsign "DLH451" @ 1255.

This is WWIII, guys:
1) Psychological Warfare
2) Biological Warfare
3) Chemical Warfare
4) Weather Warfare
5) Spiritual Warfare
6) Terrorism
7) Genocide / Mass Murder / "Human Sacrifice"
8) Illegal Human DNA Experimentation
9) Forced Collapse of Societies
10) Forced Collapse of Economies
WORLDWIDE = "WORLD WAR" and WE are the ones under Attack from all this shit under the Umbrella of their Satanic Covid Faith / Religion / "Cult"?

But, still here and still trying to help others see for themselves what's taking place. But most will never wake up, they don't want to and that makes them Dangerous to the few of us who are in the Rabbit Hole, Exiled. For now anyway.
We really need a good Strategy they haven't accounted for. A Game Changer. A Minion Mutiny? :)

Special thanks also, to the "World Doctor's Alliance" ("WDA") at " ", the "UK Medical Freedom Alliance" ("UKMFA") at " " and on Facebook, "Covileaks Uk" at " ", "World Freedom Alliance" at " " and "Dr Vernon Coleman", on Brand New Tube and at " " (AMENDED: I hope you managed to find his website from my previous "" mistake/s?), for nearly keeping me sane through this SCAMdemic. "Wonderful People" and there are a good few others, too, who get a mention in some of my videos (most still waiting to be aired, but my views aren't important anyway).

More Info on the Subject/s covered:-
UK Sky Watch, at " ".
Max Igan ("thecrowhouse"), at " ".
Mark Devlin, at " ".
And, so many more :)


My links:
1) "Roo63" on BitChute ... " " .
2) "Roo63" / "Andrew Pilkington" on Brand New Tube ... " ".
3) "Worldwide Awakening (Roo63)" on LBRY ... " " .
4) “AndiRoo63” on Twitter ... " " .
5) "Worldwide Awakening" on Facebook ("Public" Group) ... " " .
6) "Andrew Pilkington" on Facebook ... " ".

Videos are Free to Share / Mirror etc., if you wish, providing there's no malice.
It is not about the Shares, Views, Likes, Money etc., because I do all this off my own back.
It's pure and simply about getting the word out and Waking people up.

Silence "IS" Consent and Knowledge "IS" Power, so use it wisely.
Stay Strong. Do NOT give Consent and Refuse to Comply.
Peaceful Civil Disobedience :)

All the best and thanks for viewing :D

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NappieMcNapface 2 months ago

⁣Nice bust. They are inching our own militaries into all UN nations
now, conditioning the people to accept it as normal, so my guess would
be military planes (probably drones) - which block radar, either that,
or block us from seeing them on tracking apps. I know nothing of
airplanes, just a guess.

Wonder how our
families who are in the military will react when they realize they're
being used to commit war crimes against their own people, including
their own families, their MOMS and GRANS? Even if they're sitting behind
a computer on a military base at home directing these drones like some
video game.

These are the people we need to
turn, cops and military, because we need them to stay home and protect
us from the very same people they're supposed to be serving. ⁣Great
messages and links in your show notes, thank you - I agree, this is war
- WWIII - but this time the enemy of our own govs is us.

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Butchkoch 2 months ago

As the masses look down on their phones they are being poisoned by sprays that are destroying all life.

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Mark Maloney
Mark Maloney 2 months ago

⁣Those who rule the world are up to something nefarious that none of us will like when we come to our senses. If you want to what the rulers thinks of humanity, just look at the human condition throughout history. The contrive pandemic is a Trojan Horse, what is coming out of it is our enslavement. They would not have gone this far in masking the world and destroying global economies and lives unless they were planning on going all the way. We should all be very ⁣afraid of what is coming…

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2 months ago

'Bit too obvious for an alleged covert operation, don't Ya' think? Where was this filmed, and is that area listed here? ⁣ Transparency and honesty are sexy!

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MichaelandrewWaters 2 months ago

the smart street lights should be of huge concern if I'm not mistaken?

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Brain mapping and manipulation on a world wide scale.
19 Apr 2021
Brain mapping and manipulation on a world wide scale.
Te Tao Michel · 0 Views