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GGT 15 Jun 2021
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03 Aug 2021
People Spray horse poop on Macron's House
Saulat Qureshi · 1 Views

48 people experiencing symptoms of "mysterious" neurological syndrome. Cause unknown...


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At a press conference in Fredericton on Thursday, June 3, 2021, New Brunswick Health Minister Dorothy Shephard announced that an oversight committee has been established by the provincial government to oversee the clinical and investigative work associated with a neurological syndrome of unknown cause.

“New Brunswickers are concerned and confused about this potential neurological syndrome,” said Minister Shephard. “We must work together to ensure due diligence.”

The committee will review all the case files of affected patients, provide second opinions on the identified cases, ensure due diligence and rule out other potential causes.

Dr. Natalie Banville, of Vitalité Health Network, and Dr. Edouard Hendriks, of Horizon Health Network, were also at the news conference. They are serving as co-chairs of the oversight committee. The committee will consist of the two co-chairs, six neurologists and one member from Public Health.

The committee’s work will involve:

A clinical review of:
-medical charts and records of identified affected individuals;
relevant data obtained from questionnaires completed by their caregivers; and
-information obtained from the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Surveillance System.
-Identifying patients, or subset of them, that may need to be re-interviewed or require new examinations or evaluations and further testing.
-Identifying gaps in the electronic medical records and recommending areas for improvement.
-Reviewing case definition and recommendations for changes.
-Identifying the potential requirement for further laboratory/pathology testing of human samples, including recommendations related to what should be tested for and which samples should be captured.
-Scanning of potentially applicable research.
Original Broadcast Date: June 3, 2021
Press conferences for the Government of New Brunswick are broadcast live on Charlotte County Television whenever they are scheduled by the province. CHCO-TV News Director Vicki Hogarth provides commentary.

Mysterious Neurological Syndrome New Conference

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JESSIEBEANER 10 days ago

covid jabs lead to PRION DISEASE, per expert molecular biologists. anyone who got the jab is literally FUCKED

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Berda 2 months ago

⁣⁣Share this video on AWI -

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eyemarc1 2 months ago

Just tell us if they have been inoculated...that's all we want to know you moron!

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operationsword 2 months ago

All that to say " We will do whatever it takes to not pin it on the vaccines." They have been documented for execution in the next Nuremburg trials.

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People Spray horse poop on Macron's House
03 Aug 2021
People Spray horse poop on Macron's House
Saulat Qureshi · 1 Views