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Waking The Future
Waking The Future 17 Jan 2021
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Royal Marines Launch Bullying Probe After Recruit Connor Clark's Death
16 Jun 2021
Royal Marines Launch Bullying Probe After Recruit Connor Clark's Death

55 People Dead In the United States After Getting The "Vaccination"


⁣It seems daily now we are hearing of the death of people getting the covid vax. It has become apparent that the "conspiracy theorists" were once again right! Unfortunately..
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BIGZ 5 months ago

It is all about control, the covid is real but is no pandemic, just corrupt governments!

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CDog20 5 months ago

It isn’t real they’ve never even isolated it....

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CliveScott 1 month ago

Its just flu, in fact less dangerous.

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Thom Waters
Thom Waters 5 months ago

that should be grounds enough to stop adminstering this vaxx - we live in a fascist state now. watch a crack down on reporting on this issue

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Robin_L 5 months ago

This is why the bs Governments like the British Zionist Deep state, and their mantra protect the NHS is about.

The fake new Mutant ninja turtle strain of covid. this is all to blame the deaths on the new strain. When really it is the Euthinazia style genocide and experimentation , to get their Nano drone human agenda underway.

They cover all angles. They knew many would be adversly affected as it is an " experimental " substance. Not really a vaccine as claimed. So they knew Hospitals will be getting mass cases of reaction, they can blame on the covid's.

Even Devil Bill Gates, SS club with Rockefeller etc. Gates stated at the very beginning of his come take my poison campaign. " oh , well, there maybe 500 or so adverse reations and deaths ". If that don't say it all, well you are in deep la la land. He spoke about it, like it was all just a fun and games event. Which it is for these sick creatures. I am not even sure if they are real humans. Occupied shell, or brain controlled ? But amoral, child like psychos. Pulling legs off insects for fun still , never mentally grew up.

I would not be surprised if they got trained by their SS parents to gain trust of a pet , or another kidnapped child as children. Then kill them. So they get indoctrinated into this mind set ?

Unpleasent thought, but I remeber the Oprah show, and that woman talking about how they used to see child sacrifice. So not my mind set. Just saying what I hypothesize from observation.

What ever it is though. We need to Unite, and remove these monsters asap.Take our power back, as Band, Rage against the Machine were rightly calling out back in the 90's. They were way ahead in the curve.

Just many like myself, never fully understood it back then. As many still don't. Life in the old Normal seemed so easy and cosy under Big Brother taking care of us. Now the steel gauntlet is on. No more molly codling those they needed their tax labor for, to fund their future agendas.

Now the AI run Gulag is in coming, Humans external to requirements , not needed any more. Like the Daleks chant, " Exterminate, Exterminate " , little did we know, the reality was the mind set that was running the world back then. The 1%. More are now.

The end game is almost upon us, yet I do not see many standing up to remove these psychos yet. We are only living on the hope that Trump and Patriots gonna take care of it for us. Well times a little too close, to falling of the cliff edge guys into the precipice ?

I try stay in the Calm of the Storm Yeshua ( Jesus ) recommended. But how close to the trigger being pulled on your head do you wait ? We can see the Blood red of their eyes now, so ?

Real cliff edge stuff.

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Boetie 5 months ago

This is only the tip of the iceburg. These are the immediate deaths. In general the Covid 19 will really do the damage when these imbeciles will be exposed to a wild living corona virus. You have not seem what happens after the second shot and when exposed again to the virus. They will be dropping like flies. The ironical part here is that a LOT of doctors and nurses will die.

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Robin_L 5 months ago

Yeah , thats why they already been covering with the new mutant ninja turtle strain. To cover for the vaxx victims genocide agenda. Those who have had adverse affects from taking their experimental Lab rat testing subjects. These people are sick in the head. Nuremburg trials should be hap[pening, but the Military leaders are world wide in bed , and under control so ?

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margiekcoote 5 months ago

In Germany people are driving down the raod with loud speakers on theirvehicle warning residents not to get the vaccine!! A great idea I thought!

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Royal Marines Launch Bullying Probe After Recruit Connor Clark's Death
16 Jun 2021
Royal Marines Launch Bullying Probe After Recruit Connor Clark's Death