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Rex_Colt 31 Mar 2021
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UK Death Certificates Covid Rates But Not Infected Coronavir
06 May 2021
UK Death Certificates Covid Rates But Not Infected Coronavir
alladin123 · 1 Views

9/11, Climate Change, Covid and The End of Commercial Air Travel


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EnnisKillen61 1 month ago

Nailed it. 🇮🇪 👍

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TUTUS 1 month ago

Yes, correct but peasants do not see that as they are not educated well, not their fault as they have no time/money for that, gvrmnt knows it. My aunt few years ago travelled to USA . In USA airoport check point she did go through security with no trouble only later to realise that she carried a little knife in her handbag ( which gone through the scanner) for pealing off an apple, she was not stopped or asked to explain the knife in her handbag.... here is for you how we ''kept safe'' by the gvrmnt, it's a show

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goosegatherer 1 month ago

⁣⁣Here in New Zealand , the insurance companies have told me that if you suffer ANY adverse effects after being injected, leading to you being unable to work , OR your death, your life insurance WILL NOT PAY OUT because these injections ARE EXPERIMENTAL...and as such YOU have allowed yourself to be injected with these experimental injections and so YOU have caused a SELF INFLICTED injury situation that automatically makes your life insurance NULL and Void. This means that if you or your patner cannot pay your mortgage or meet your financial committments because of your SELF INFLICTED INJURY then YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN because of these EXPERIMENTAL injections....THIS IS HUGE AND LIFE DESTROYING....Please make sure for yourself BEFORE you have any of these EXPERIMENTAL injections , that if the breadwinner cannot carry on paying all your committments i.e. your mortgage etc , the remaining partner will be liable for them.....and of course , if this is the case YOU WILL LOSE YOUR HOME and , still be LIABLE for ANY shortfall to the lending institution who financed that loan when they sell your home to recoup the money in the event of YOU being unable to meet the conditions of that mortgage. ALL OF THESE EXPERIMENTAL INJECTIONS HAVE THE SAME VOID INSURANCE RESULTS if you are stupid enough to have them.....FIND OUT FIRST....Stupidity is never compulsory...

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Freedom4life 1 month ago

Flu symptoms from CDC

Fever or feverish chills
Cough sore throat
Runny or stuffy nose
Muscle or body aches
Some may have diarrhoea or vomiting

Pneumonia symptoms from CDC

Cough that may produce mucus
Fever and chills
Shortness of breath
Chest pain
Feeling tired

Covid symptoms from CDC

Fever or chills
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Muscle or body aches
New loss of taste/smell
Sore throat
Congestion or runny nose
Nausea or vomiting

So let's look closely at COVID symptoms

Fever or chills falls under flu and pneumonia, cough falls under once again both, shortness of breath falls under pneumonia, fatigue falls under both, muscle/body aches fall under flu, new loss of taste/smell fall under flu but not mentioned, sore throat falls under flu, congestion runny nose falls under flu, nausea vomiting/diarrhoea falls under flu.

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Grahamluna 1 month ago

Well said...

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UK Death Certificates Covid Rates But Not Infected Coronavir
06 May 2021
UK Death Certificates Covid Rates But Not Infected Coronavir
alladin123 · 1 Views