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Spotlight on Ireland Part 4: Fraud, Deception and a Cover Up by the Shelling of The Four Courts

420 Views - Published on 10 Jul, 2022
⁣⁣Fraud, Deception and a Cover Up by the Shelling of The Four Courts and the Civil War. ( no. 4 )

Oireachtas Debates Notes between 1922-1924 show clearely the Deceit laid on It's People.
Legislators knew British Statutes were Not inforce, because Dail Eireann Courts from1919 were operational.
House of Commons debates for the Irish Free State (Consequential
Provisions) Act 1922 that carried on from the 28th November 1922 up to
the passage of the Act on 5th December 1922, which totally changed the
Judiciary powers in the Court of Appeal for Ireland, due to repeal of
section 42 and section 43 of the Government of Ireland Act 1920.
Court of Appeal was Not one of the LAWS IN FORCE (among others) prior
to the Irish Free State Constitution Act 1922 that was approved in March
1922 by Westminster, nor did it carry over legally from 1924-1961, up
to this present day.
complex and complicated but PatC will try to explain on this video and
subsequent postings that will deal with 1921-22 ORDERS IN COUNCIL, which
were Never operative for the Supreme Court of Judicature of Southern
Ireland, mostly because the Dail Eireann Courts were Functioning on a
Local Parish level, plus the shelling of the Four Courts in Dublin.
Prof. Dolores Cahill