RISE WITH BNT 136 | Dark: Twin Studies | Zelensky Beg Tour | GB News | Katy Perry & more click ⬇️

23 K Views - Published on 10 Feb, 2023
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▶Zelensky Tour ▶Dark Side: Twin Studies ▶Off-Key: Katy Perry ▶Pharma Whistleblower ▶GB News & OFCOM ▶Covid Narrative: Forgive & Forget? ▶Non-binary God ▶Live Chat With The Risers!
Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton

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 Amandasharp Avatar
Amandasharp - 1 month ago
Hey Sonia and family missed you all good morning to you blessed people 🙏 😊 ❤️

 Beverley Avatar
Beverley - 1 month ago
Yes, twins are most definitely a protected characteristic.

 LdnLady Avatar
LdnLady - 1 month ago
Thanks Sonia. Missed the live this morning was sick since returning from West Africa. Excellent show though loved Doula doula Sarah. BTW don’t agree with what you read what was said in the chat about West Africans throwing away the second-born twin, err where did that person get that information from? ……my own Sierra Leonean Grandad had 5 or 6 sets of twins amongst his 32 children & NONE of those were “thrown away” ……lol some people & their generalizations about Africa & Africans as a whole ‘group’ makes me wanna 🙄, but that’s what I like about this platform in at least we can challenge these ideas & statements & feel safe to do so.💥 Interesting stuff about Katy Perry. Love your ‘celebrity’ topics. Great chat with the lovely Lucinda. Never forgotten nor forgiven Esther Ranzen’s role in the Saville cover-up. Oh & by the way, & I’m sure the other Risers agree, we gotta love a man like Kerry-The-Kiwi ❤️

 Crone _ Avatar
Crone _ - 1 month ago
Another great show. I love kerry Murray.

 Crone _ Avatar
Crone _ - 1 month ago
Another great show. I love kerry Murray.

 shin Avatar
shin - 1 month ago
You rock mama !!! didn't even hear that plug when we were LIVE... thank you!