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Trump's links to the zionist banking cabal pt2 -see 4:45 secs the banks bailed him out 1980s

316 Views - Published on 14 Aug, 2021
⁣ (Note: I do not endorse the misconduct allegation made against Donald Trump
in the video – I am interested only in the revealing interview with solicitor Alan
Pomerantz only at 4:45 secs)
⁣Disclaimer: I support original good Judaism based on the teachings of Christ However, today top levels of Banking, Ashkenazi Judaism, Christianity and Politics appear to have infliltrated over time by Zionists intent on taking over banking and politics for their own benefit and to the detriment of the general population.
You may find this article below of interest.
Book: Globalism Unmasked: The Truth about Banking and the Reset of Society.

Y.S - God Bless

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