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Live Chat with Paul; -113- Swarm of UAP Balloons + Earl on Ancient Aliens + more

40 Views - Published on 13 Feb, 2023
⁣#UAP #UAPS #offworldcraft #alien #aliens #fraudchannels #UFOLOGY #AfieldofLies #misinformation #disinformation Topics with Chapters (TimeStamps) (0) complete after the show! its Live unscripted! (rough time locations) [00:00:00] (1) Gen Chat and wait for people to join the live show [00:01:00] (1b) Coming Up! USA love shooting down Balloons? review - A special on MUFON on Ancient Aliens promoting MUFON and featuring a very cut version of Earls Abduction case. [00:01:40] (1c) Pauls mic super loud hisses and echo.. so Paul investigates so to FIX! while waits for people to join to watch! [00:11:37] (1d) Paul figures out a virtual unmute switch since was testing his avatars and forgot to change back, plus WIN 10 update changed some things. [00:15:00] (1e) Paul shows new improved changes to his avatar to list mics but finds a win bug kills the first mic for first avatar launched. [00:18:00][ (1f) Gabber joins on voice [00:26:00] (1g) Paul does a test with video to see speed and if clicks like pre-repasting job he did.. [00:27:40] (2) Main Topic Begins - First up GUFON claiming the Navy Batman images are phone lens still which is so wrong and a expert would know its a out of focus glare/flare from the balloon and Talks about googles shorts views and google bias on his channel. [00:37:00] (3) Gabber B_Baker brings up the Backyard Alien i EXPOSED of GUFONS with talk of Dr Greers Joshua Tree Cupid that was photoshop in the movie [00:47:00] (4) Now Paul covers the wave of Chinese UAP balloons invading USA, Alaska and Canada? or is there disinfo or more going on? [00:52:00] (4b) Laughing at all the Memes about the balloons and fake images shills and disinfo people are putting up on MSM and Socials! [01:17:00] (4c) Mick West on Balloons and MSM coverage [01:24:33] (4d) Latest on the 4th UAP sighting or is it another Balloon? [01:33:00] (5) Gabber finally listens to Paul on speeding up Browsers with hidden flag for GPU and shpuld prevent crashing as much [01:33:47] (6) Paul does a fresh search for latest news headlines today with google options for last hour. [01:49:00] (6b) Paul looks up flexible solar panels can roll up and place on top of Balloons and use for tramping in the bush for portable power. To see if could use on top of a balloon. [02:01:00] (7) Green Lasers from space was it China? Paul investigates Live! [02:14:00] (8) Tyler using copyright music snippets for background like TPOM to try to prevent me debunking his noise in UFOLOGY! [02:20:00] (9) Paul looks at thirdphase videos with fake images promoting UFOs and Chinese Balloons [02:41:00] (9b) TPOM using old footage claiming its new but been edited is just low orbit special Satellites to survey water in atmosphere being USA tech. [02:42:46] (9c) Bright Orb on a beach.. Paul IDs it as a chinese lantern for weddings [02:46:30] (9d) Another old recycled fake UFO crash. Paul points out why its not the red flags and science of crash slides and energy needed. [02:58:30] (10) Paul debunks Tylers latest BS claims in video.. Is its pixel blackness of a high Alt Balloon in a vortex with small bugs flying passed? [03:17:40] (10b) Next vid! Is it simple a guy faking a small black fly hovering in front of camera? [03:50:00] (10c) UFOstalker is history.. MUFON cut ties.. and now the guy is falsely posting GOV FBI closed down the site.. BS! I tell what Earl told me (opps I said in video GUFON not MUFON here too FUNNY!) [04:02:00] (11) Paul breaks down Ancient Aliens ep5 this season reviewing it under fair USE and its a big PROMO! for MUFON and later shows some snaps of Earls 2 min part in the episode about his Alien Abduction.. which happened after joining MUFON as investigator! Paul warps up for the night.... cheers Paul. Thanks for watching, Liking, and commenting on video it really helps.. and join our serious UFO research group on Discord social text chat and optional voice group see join link in the about tab or banner bar and here as well, ( A new How-To Tutorial on Discord and Group layout is now HERE! ( cheers Paul. All Links can be found here to socials and beyond! our website is listed there *** If you want to support my work with a donation as low as $1 a month then thanks very much *** Find all ways to donate here including monthly options That do NOT take 30 percent of the donation like google does! Purchase my Tshirt Designs and Other Merc Here ( I Earn from $3 to $5 per Item which goes towards production costs) Thanks to the Following Paul S. (Music) Free Music Archive (creative commons music) Lobo_Loco_-_01_-_Technomagus_City_ID_501.mp3 sometimes other tunes or a mix of 2 Elvis_Herod_-_07_-_Eggs_Toast_Gas_Fish.mp3 Marc_Burt_-_04_-_Elements_Psychadelik_Pedestrian_chillout_edit. ALL footage FAIR USE
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TheOutThereChannel _by_Paul_Skinner

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TheOutThereChannel _by_Paul_Skinner - 3 months ago
use the chapters and topics found in desc.. #UFO #UFOs #Aliens #ufosightings #QuestionEverything #outtherechannel #ufotwitter UFO Chat W/Paul 113, 5hrs covering lots, GUFON BS about cam lens + Chinese Balloon invasion old+new as of today! + Secureteam latest BS+TPOM crash ufo BS + Earl MUFON on A.A