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A Climb, A Fall, And A Bored Reptilian

237 Views - Published on 17 Mar, 2021

⁣NuFriend's Skype Share. March 13 2021.Kevin shares a Real side experience which overall involved the removing of agreement and attachment taplines. The origin of the taplines was made apparent, as it was the lower astral he would find himself in and accompanied by A Real Guide. Climbing through creeping vines that sought to snare him but were unable, would represent taplines ideas he had no agreement with. But then he would be caught by vines that indicated taplines yet to be released and down he would fall. The Real guide would still be present, as his Real intent was maintained. But then into the scene would enter a reptilian, seemingly very pleased with his ill intented self, and attempted to cause agitation for Kevin's personal self. For these controllers and reptilians are very bored overwhelmingly, and they amuse themselves through disruption and altercation.

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