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Evalion banned on youtube Note: zionist jews of today use the satanic talmud not the Holy Bible.

475 Views - Published on 02 Sep, 2021
⁣All Glories to Christ. Zionist jews of today are not tot the same as jews of biblical times and are not the friend of christians and are not the friend of all non zionist jews. Many Christians are still in deluded denial of this fact that the zionists of today are not the friend of Christianity. Evalion was banned from youtube and her computer taken by police.
Her content is available at

⁣⁣Disclaimer: I support original good Judaism based on the teachings of
Christ However, today top levels of Banking, Ashkenazi Judaism,
Institutional Religions and Politics appear to have infliltrated over
time by Zionists intent on taking over politics for their own benefit
to the detriment of the general population. Are Christians aware that
that these zionists are not the biblical jews and are not the ally of
Christians? The zionists use the satanic talmud not the Bible.

See also early christianity

See also the similarity between the teacfhings of Lord Jesus Christ and the ancient Vedic teachings

The coming of Lord Jesus was predicted in the ancient Vedic scriptures. Most Christians have been cheater by the Roman Catholic Church into believing that there were not scriptures before the Bible.

See also

See also Bishop Willaimson who says the vatican is crammed with freemasons
that have adjusted the teachings of Jesus - Christians wake up from your misplaced allegiance to the Church of Rome


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