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Gueseppe 19 Mar 2021
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Alan Watt ~Forget Janus, God of Gates~ Cutting Through the Matrix~ May 31, 2020
05 May 2021
Alan Watt ~Forget Janus, God of Gates~ Cutting Through the Matrix~ May 31, 2020
cuttingthroughthematrix · 164 Views

A Alan Watt Talk


A talk given by Alan Watt

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PedroMartinDeClet 2 months ago

⁣FOR THOSE of You still confused

covid = HAS ALWAYS BEEN A = Cover up for the friends & associates of JEFFERY EPSTEIN Worldwide Pedophile, canibal & ORGAN harvesting through the = friends & associates of JEFFERY EPSTEIN Worldwide Pedophile Epidemic coverup Planned-demic.

Ruling Elite’s Pedophile Bloodlust for Children: From Antiquity to Today Many of the planetary

How US Rabbis & Israel Traffic In Human Organs & Money Laundering

Eastern Europe: Western Europe’s Stepsister Is the World’s Sex Trafficking Capital

⁣Ruling Elite’s Pedophile Bloodlust for Children: From Antiquity to Today Many of the planetary

How US Rabbis & Israel Traffic In Human Organs & Money Laundering

⁣40+ Horrific & Chilling Kidnapping Statistics [2020]

Master List of Missing Children

Missing Children Database

Missing Children’s Statistics

Missing Children Statistics

National Child Kidnapping Facts

One Missing Child Is One Too Many

⁣Number of NCIC missing persons files in the United States in 2020, by age and gender

Missing Persons by State 2021

2019 NCIC Missing Person and Unidentified Person Statistics

The Illegal Harvesting of Black Men’s Organs is Going Unnoticed

What you need to know about human organ trafficking

UNTOLD TRUTH: How human organs are harvested, trafficked in Uganda


⁣Proof Queen Elizabeth killed kids in Canada!⁣

⁣Aboriginal Residential School Survivor Says The Queen of England Abducted Children In Canada


⁣The Queen of England And The Children Who 'Disappeared'⁣

⁣Canada, where are the 50,000 missing children from 80 Indian residential schools?

⁣Mass Genocide of Mohawk Children by UK Queen and Vatican⁣

Their cousins in America the bushes

⁣Meet The Scherffs

Is George H.W. Bush Really Prescott Bush's Son?Or Is He The Son Of Inventor Nikola Tesla's German-BornAccountant, George H. Scherff, Sr.?

Fall of the Cabal Revelations:Meet the Scherffs [Bush] +Meet the Hitlers [Obama] - Robert Potter

The Mena Connection : Exposing the CIA, Bush, Clinton, Iran Contra, & Drug Running

These demons all descended from Vlad the impaler, known to have eaten the flesh of his victims & also drank their blood, just like all other inbreds.

⁣Prince Charles is a descendant of Vlad the Impaler and now he could become Prince of Transylvania

⁣Illuminati Bloodline- Obama,Bush, Lincoln and more Are Related???

⁣Prince Charles Descendant Of Vlad the Impaler and Many Others

Israeli Organ HarvestingThe New "Blood Libel"?

Belgian Trade Union Boss Says Israel Kills Palestinian Kids for Their Organs

The alarming number of children killed for black market organ trade


Synthetic Pathogen

Adrenochrome: Ancient Origins of Cannibalism and Blood-Drinking

Must See - What Is Adrenochrome? The Evil Drug of The Super Elite

ANDRENOCHROME: The divine substance of ILUMINATES

Secret Of Drinking Childrens Blood || Childrens Blood Is Their Drug

Exposing adrenochrome on oprah = Harpo has done this

OK Nancy - Running Low On Adrenochrome - Frazzledrip?

Adrenochrome The Darkest Drug of Them All !

Adrenochrome The Elite's Secret Super Drug! Documentary


Adrenochrome Human Trafficking Celebrity Fail


Ex CIA officer Exposing child trafficking and Adrenochrome users

Adrenochrome And Child Dismemberment

Adrenochrome, Immortality Serum For The Elites ?? Ambrosia Corporation ??

Adrenochrome: What is it & Why the Elite Love it? Pastor Mark Details His Experience

Moloch, Adrenochrome and Kuru



Adrenochrome harvesting documentation

ADRENOCHROME:"The Elites Super Drug - Down The Rabbit Hole"

Adrenochrome/Adrenachrome EXPOSED


The Real Coronavirus: The Carnivores who Murder our Children for Adrenochrome

The Elites Adrenochrome and Disneys Warning

Adrenochrome in Hollywood

Adrenochrome - #PizzaGate #SaveOurChildren #ChildrenUniteUs

Hillary Clinton Pizzagate Child Sex Trafficking Adrenochrome & Body Count

Save the Children, Celebrity and Pedophile Roundup/ Hollywood and #Adrenochrome #savethechildren

The Adrenochrome Conspiracy - Who's Involved? | Movie Mysteries

The 'Luciferian Drug' Adrenochrome

Pt. 1 | What You Didn't Know About Adrenochrome: Where are the Missing Children? Pt. 1

Pt. 2 | What You Didn't Know About Adrenochrome: Where are the Missing Children? Pt. 2


Black Adrenochrome aka WALNUT SAUCE! They eat our babies!

The wicked elite of Esau and their love for adrenochrome

Adrenochrome the Satanist Drug of choice

What ADRENOCHROME, the CLINTON Foundation & PODESTA Have in Common

The Reptilian blood lines! Starts with Adrenochrome!

Adrenochrome Illuminati Child Blood Sacrifice Exposed Full Documentary 2019

The Real Coronavirus: The Carnivores who Murder our Children for Adrenochrome

satanic Sodomites INHUMAN ATTACK AGAINST HUMANITY = Raised as opposite sex & then POOF =

Baphomet child = Ellen Page began her insidious career on 'The Trailer Park Boys' as Mr. Jim Laheys daughter 'Treena Lahey'.

Here she is being introduced on show by Rob Wells character Ricky as 'Tranny Lahey'.

Trailer Park Boys Season 1 Deleted Scene: Ellen Page as Treena Lahey 'Tranny Lahey'

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion


& PLEASE STOP eating 'fast food' =

How Is It That Human Meat Is Showing Up In The Restaurant Chain Food Supply?

Human and rat DNA found in burgers, according to lab report

Their putting human meat in our food supply

Burgers contain rat and human DNA, study finds

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bodinski 2 months ago

the greatest prophecy of the 21st century....his was Alan talking in 2001

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Steve7591 2 months ago

A great, great, man!

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betjar1 2 months ago

⁣Serco owns all the immigration holding centres in England, New Zealand and Australia. Serco run Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre where staff were abusing immigrants and using immigrants in a prostitution ring. Serco is linked to human trafficking. Serco owns all the high speed boats to pick up all the immigrants at sea. Serco has been linked to using boats to bring drugs to the English borders. Serco is the largest operators of private prisons all across the uk and Australia. Serco runs all the ankle tagging for prisoners in England. Serco was involved in a scandal for charging the government for dead prisoners. Serco runs the infrastructure for the track and trace system and the enforcement of £10,000 fines for not self-isolating. Serco covers waste disposal all across the U.K. Serco owns half of london's traffic lights and also in Dublin. Serco issues driving licenses to residents in Ontario, Canada. Serco run the trains and ferries in Australia and all across the UK. Serco has a presence in all the military bases in Australia. Serco are contracted to run the federal emergency management agency FEMA in 17 states in the USA. Serco runs the U.S. patent Office, they issue every patent in America. Serco runs air traffic control across the whole world. Public transport in the West and Middle East is dominated by Serco. Serco run, own and maintain APR Cameras and the facial recognition cameras all across the UK. Serco is contracted to the DWP to run their call centres. Serco was contracted to run every single school in Bradford from 2001 to 2011, and during that time school girls were groomed into prostitution. Serco also runs the infrastructure for the child protection services for vulnerable children. Serco runs the uk ballistic system and nuclear weapons. Serco also make land mines that they ship to Africa. Serco run 3 naval bases in the uk. SERCO bring in ashes (illegal drugs) to the UK on their Navel Ships. The entire blood bank is run by Serco. In the 1980s Serco were involved in taking blood from American prisoners and selling it to the NHS where haemophiliac patients were infected with HIV contaminated blood.
Serco runs skynet, the satellite system.
Serco is owned by CCS, the Crown Corporation Services. CCS is owned by the Crown Estate, which is the Monarchy. Corona means crown. The Monarchy also owns Qinetiq, the military wing of Serco. The Privy Council have shares in Qinetiq.
The Pirbright Institute is connected to Qinetiq and Serco was responsible for foot and mouth disease. The Pirbright Institute have virology laboratories. They funded Eugenics. The Pirbright Institute has a patent for the Corona Virus. There are 60 different strains of corona viruses patented by Serco.
The Pirbright Institute has a massive office in Wuhan Institute of virology.
Lord Pirbright Rothschild started the Pirbright Institute and was a mentor to Cecil Rhodes.
Bill Gates have over a million shares in Serco.
Although Serco is owned by the crown, the CEO is Sir Rupert Soames who is Winston Churchill's grandson. Rupert Soames brother, Nicholas Soames is a former conservative Minister of Parliament.

SES and SERCO plan to control the WORLD.
SERCO the most evil corporation on earth.

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BigBangNone 2 months ago

He is more acurrate than most. He has been studying on his computer. The invention of the CPU powering the Internet, and cloud storage, survailance of everything we do,
and WMD's..... one of which was recently released onto the world (COVID) is just one of many secret bio-weapons to be unleashed on all or any portion of the world.
The timing of the COVID virus release was to perfect relating to the Fact that Trump to expose and take down the Cabal.
That means that the probability of COVID being an accident is very low.
Be happy, if you are one of the baby-boomer Generation - you lived during a very exciting Freedom-growth period. The Future is about enslavement which is now very easy because of the CPU, cheap 8K cameras, and algorithums that will calculate, control, and inform your enslavers of all your activities.

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Alan Watt ~Forget Janus, God of Gates~ Cutting Through the Matrix~ May 31, 2020
05 May 2021
Alan Watt ~Forget Janus, God of Gates~ Cutting Through the Matrix~ May 31, 2020
cuttingthroughthematrix · 164 Views