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WhotheFoxhat 16 Mar 2021
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Covid Hoax Video #23 - Real Life
18 Apr 2021
Covid Hoax Video #23 - Real Life
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⁣World renown vaccine specialist, Geert Vanden Bossche, gave a
groundbreaking interview this week risking his reputation and his career
by bravely speaking out against administration of #Covid19 vaccines.
In what may be one of the most important stories ever covered by The
Highwire, the vaccine developer shared his extreme concerns about these
vaccines in particular and why we may be on track to creating a global
immunity catastrophe.
#GeertVandenBoosche #VaccineDisaster #ImmunityCatastrophe #GAVI #GatesFoundation #TheHighwire #DelBigtree

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betjar1 7 days ago
Eustace Mullins – The New World Order
and the Banking System (Full Length)
After the American Civil War, King
George III retained the banking system.

The Rothschild helped King George V of
England to send assassins to murder his cousin the TSAR OF RUSSIA,
Nicholas II, and took all his gold, after the communist revolution in
1917. All wars are carefully staged and the outcome is a staged
People who worked for the CIA were from
the wealthiest dynasty families in the United States. CIA publishes
200 books a year on political propaganda in the United States and
distributed them to all the universities as teaching textbooks.
The New World Order is an international
Mafia, a group of wealthy and dynasty families who know how to use
people and profit from them.

Charitable Foundations were secret
instruments of the new world order. They are run by wealthy dynasty
This man talks about the satellites
that will kill lots of people by SERCO.
SERCO the most evil corporation on

SERCO owns all the immigration holding
centres in England, New Zealand and Australia. SERCO runs Yarl's Wood
Immigration Removal Centre where staff were abusing immigrants and
using immigrants in a prostitution ring. SERCO is linked to human
trafficking. SERCO owns all the high-speed boats to pick up all the
immigrants at sea. SERCO has been linked to using boats to bring
drugs to the U.K. borders. SERCO is the largest operators of private
prisons all across the UK and Australia. SERCO runs all the ankle
tagging for prisoners in England. SERCO was involved in a scandal for
charging the government for dead prisoners. SERCO runs the
infrastructure for the track and trace system and the enforcement of
£10,000 fines for not self-isolating. SERCO covers waste disposal
all across the U.K. SERCO owns half of London's traffic lights and
also in Dublin. SERCO issues driving licenses to residents in
Ontario, Canada. SERCO run the trains and ferries in Australia and
all across the UK. SERCO has a presence in all the military bases in
Australia. SERCO is contracted to run the federal emergency
management agency FEMA in 17 states in the USA. SERCO runs the U.S.
patent Office, they issue every patent in America. SERCO runs air
traffic control across the whole world. Public transport in the West
and the Middle East is dominated by SERCO. SERCO run, own and
maintain APR Cameras and facial recognition cameras all across the
UK. SERCO is contracted to the DWP to run their call centres. SERCO
was contracted to run every single school in Bradford from 2001 to
2011, and during that time school girls were groomed into
prostitution. SERCO also runs the infrastructure for the child
protection services for vulnerable children. SERCO runs the UK
ballistic system and nuclear weapons. SERCO also make land mines that
they ship to Africa. SERCO run 3 naval bases in the U.K. SERCO bring
in ashes (illegal drugs) to the UK on their Navel Ships. The entire
blood bank is run by Serco (NHS Blood and Transplant in Bristol). In
the 1980s Serco was involved in taking blood from American prisoners
and selling it to the NHS where haemophiliac patients were infected
with HIV contaminated blood. SERCO runs SKYNET, the satellite system.
SERCO is owned by CCS, the Crown Corporation Services. CCS is owned
by the Crown Estate, which is the Monarchy. Corona means crown. The
Monarchy also owns Qinetiq, the military wing of SERCO. The Privy
Council have shares in QinetiQ.
The Pirbright Institute is connected to QINETIQ and SERCO was
responsible for foot and mouth disease. The Pirbright Institute have
virology laboratories. They funded Eugenics. The Pirbright Institute
has a patent for the Coronavirus. There are 60 different strains of
coronaviruses patented by Serco. The Pirbright Institute has a
massive office in Wuhan Institute of virology. Lord Pirbright
Rothschild started the Pirbright Institute and was a mentor to Cecil
Bill Gates have over a million shares in Serco. Although Serco is
owned by the crown, the CEO is Sir Rupert Soames who is Winston
Churchill's grandson. Rupert Soames brother, Nicholas Soames is a
former conservative Minister of Parliament.

SES and SERCO plan to control the

SERCO the most evil corporation on

Serco, the biggest company you’ve
never heard of. And that’s no accident. Since 1987, Serco has
quietly and clandestinely taken over many of the world’s public
services, and has cleverly avoided too much media attention.


This man talks about the satellites
that will kill lots of people by serco.
SERCO the most evil corporation on

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Smokiejoe 19 days ago

im at the point i dont bother to share this information with those that have had the vaccine. theres nothing to be done to help them, if all thats said is true. All it will do is frighten them.

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thegarageguru 1 month ago


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BigBangNone 1 month ago

The critical Dangers related to any Pandemic are:

⁣<p>1) Not allowing your Pandemic experts work at the Fed level, but also with local cities and counties to prepare a response process "before" the pandemic hits.
⁣<p>2) OOPSY....Did not do the above......Then Let's allow our politicians to call all the shots - restrict the mortality curve data, while pushing inacurrate PCR Tests. ⁣
⁣<p>3) Let's allow Big Pharma to bribe Congress and the White House to force Dangerous mRNA Vaccines in order to make lots of money selling vaccines - even though the COVID Virus is close to dead in 99.99% of cities around the world.
<p>4) Allow your Gov to restrict your travel unless you carry a VAX-Card proving that you are a subservient dumbed down sheep willing to risk your life on an experimental mRNA jab.⁣
<p>5) Let your politicians push a blanket lock-down of all businesses, even though many cities have zero COVID deaths in Hospitals.
<p>6) Let your Gov and Bid Pharma bribe hospitals to lie about the real root cause to many elderly deaths in support of Big Pharma VAX SALES !!!

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Gohana 1 month ago

it will be a good idea to share this info with Eugenio Derbez, he has a considearble fallowers, specially 3ed age people.

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Covid Hoax Video #23 - Real Life
18 Apr 2021
Covid Hoax Video #23 - Real Life
bearkeys · 2 Views