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Mass rejection of jabs
14 Jun 2021
Mass rejection of jabs
The David Vance Channel - · 661 Views

A prestigious private school BANS teachers from having the experimental COVID 19 JABS


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Stephen Hunter
Stephen Hunter 1 month ago

Because they know the truth, the elites don't want their children near vaccinated people because they know about shedding or transmission where a vaccinated person infects a healthy person.

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betjar1 1 month ago

The human body makes its own mRNA for
its genetic code. The mRNA multiply in the cell and makes proteins.
This is not a virus, but foreign mRNA is a virus to humans and cause

COVID19 is a hoax. There
is no such thing as an asymptomatic pandemic. When someone is sick,
it is not asymptomatic meaning without symptoms. A person with
symptoms, the temperature will normally increase or generally feel
unwell. A Pandemic has sick people dying in the streets. Dead bodies
carried out of homes as what happened during the black plague. The
black plague was caused by no access to clean water.

CV19 PCR tests only detect
genetic material. It does not test for a virus. Wearing masks cause
Pontiac fever. It's a legionella bacteria. Years ago people were
getting legionnaires disease. It was caused by stagnant water through
the air conditioning in offices in London. When the air conditioning
was not cleaned regularly which is the same legionella bacteria that
causes Pontiac fever. If you get legionella bacteria in your body,
dilute one tablespoon of borax in a bottle of hot water. Allow
cooling. Borax was used for people who had fungus inside their body
because of their living environment. Take one teaspoon a day in the
morning for 3 days. It's a natural remedy and it tastes like soap.
People diagnosed with Legionnaires disease is Pontiac fever because
of mask-wearing all day.

The CV19 vaccine is not a
vaccine. It is a computer programmed mRNA nanochip. HIV is a mRNA
virus and causes autoimmune disease. On observation of patients who
had AIDS, tended to vomit every day. Hence, why AIDS patients lost
weight. All mRNA viruses cause autoimmune disease. Will attack
different parts of the body or the immune system. The mRNA virus was
originally developed to kill people as a biological weapon. The
effects of the injection may take a couple of years to surface or may
happen instantly.

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PatriciaShaw 1 month ago

This should be in all our establishments, don't feed the devil.

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Gazzzzzz 1 month ago

I,m sick of you using this scamdemic as a segway into your vegetarian business so i,m usubscribing

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By all means do it, that's your right if you're unhappy

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Cathelineau 1 month ago

Let's hope more establishments do the same .

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Mass rejection of jabs
14 Jun 2021
Mass rejection of jabs
The David Vance Channel - · 661 Views