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02.06.2021 - NWUK - Lancaster Sky and "Why the Hell"?
15 Jun 2021
02.06.2021 - NWUK - Lancaster Sky and "Why the Hell"?
Andrew Pilkington · 109 Views

Adding Root + SuperUser to Any Android MTK 2021 - today root the LEMT Watch + VNC remote control


⁣#AddingRoot #android #LEMT #watch #MTK #mediatek

1) Gen Chat and list of TABs on browser to work through
2) Layout of ROM memory on typical Android Phones
3) Fixed my side chat not working on Live!
4) Back, to Rooting Steps
5) Downloading all the files needed Images for boot recovery and OS from makers website (although I will try to bundle in a one file download
for this make of LEMT watch)
6) I show watch is ROOTed with installed VNC server
which allows me to remote control it from WIN 10
7) I show the Dev options needed to be turned on
namely OEM unlocking Dev options and USB Debugging mode.
8) How to flash/root any Android using ADB and Fast boot methods
and why you need a vol up key for that to work. the watch has no
vol up. so could NOT test this method
9) Using the MTK Flash tool instead of FASTBOOT like the makers of
MTK device Used.
10) Making sure got the MTK usb driver part installed for win 10
using unsigned F7 methos to install it then uninstall it leaving the
system files making it available to flasher.
11) Download the firmware 1.72gb file and backing up
the boot.img and recovery.img from it to folder original
12) download TWRP recovery for your device/watch
13) download Magisk22.1 apk for superuser control
14) copy apk and rename it so zip on end
15) copy original boot.img Magisk APK and ZIP to root of internal ROM of watch
16) how to load scatter file in SP tool and tick only boot and recovery
17) press download and power on phone connect via USB - dont
plug knock it off or power cut!
18) when says down OK.. reboot the phone and it will auto load TWRP
19) swipe right to enable full control of TWRP on phone/watch
20) click install and select IMG and find the boot.img from orgianl you copied and tick boot and then install
21) back out to meny and click INSTALL again.. this time click select
and find you copied across and click install.
22) reboot phone
23) will start normal if done right
24) now disable google protect found in settings google and unknown sources allow
25) use file manager to browse to Magisk.apk and upgrade it as
click the icon placeholder fails for some reason. this wll install fine
I found and then enable superuser control on watch.
26) check root access with checker APK install from google play store.
27) if want VNC server find one that works. I tried a few.. Droid VNC-ng worked for LEMT
28) from realvnc website on chrome for win 10 .. download the standalone 64bit ver and run it and connect to the watch IP address that it tells you on watch screen.

ffiles needed (LEMT v10 boot recovery and first OS)

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A new How-To Tutorial on Discord and Group layout
is coming.
cheers Paul.

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pedronumerouno 1 month ago

bnt needs to start preventing these commenters who are inly here advertising other services. they are a commerciaal venture which could
be misconstrune and used in a corupt court against you.

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TheOutThereChannel _by_Paul_Skinner

I ban block spammers YES

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pedronumerouno 1 month ago

i dont think he relises he is exposing how the spies get real time evidence from your device. this is it, allbe it in a totally inmocent reverse method.

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TheOutThereChannel _by_Paul_Skinner

see below comment. BS..

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pedronumerouno 1 month ago

are you about to reveal the spies operation they use on peoples devices. were they use external storage, with vnc ans su user privaledges. oh dear.

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TheOutThereChannel _by_Paul_Skinner

spies dont know the passwords by adding these silly. you can limit it to lan not wan access too. Im a B.Sc. in computer science.. also root control will prompt to allow app access. you will be incontrol of what apps have more rights. no fear

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TheOutThereChannel _by_Paul_Skinner

⁣I tried rooting my Alcatel NZ phone called V11 .. its really model
1S 5028D (3L has same specs too)..but been modified locked for NZ
vodafone. they deleted the commands to unlock in the bootloaader
/fastboot !!!
so ADB method will never work and so you cant
even write a temp recovery where it uploads image.img with the basic
fastboot boot imageTWRPforthisphone.img .. from what I read they using a
new rom security called DA. so only way around if can get the firmware
with scatter file for it.. which looks like mt6762 but other info mt6765
cpu was meantioned to get confusing.. dumping info on the phone it says
Model: TOKOYO.. so far I can find a file and since no one has cracked
the booting I will have to leave it be until its a old phone can mess
with. its brand new! I dont need superuser but would be nice adaway
added and other tools.

Also it seems FASTBOOT will wipe factory data / all your accts and installed apps..
but if use the flashtool to change boot/recovery it dont.. one benefit of the proper FLASH TOOL method!

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02.06.2021 - NWUK - Lancaster Sky and "Why the Hell"?
15 Jun 2021
02.06.2021 - NWUK - Lancaster Sky and "Why the Hell"?
Andrew Pilkington · 109 Views