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40% Increase IN Deaths After Covid Vaccine: San Diego TV Reports
08 Aug 2022
40% Increase IN Deaths After Covid Vaccine: San Diego TV Reports
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Alarming Increase in Mortality Rates in 2021


⁣Alarming Increase in Mortality Rates in 2021: Why COVID Shots Are Disproportionately Affecting Young Males
Nov. 19, 2021
Shortly after receiving his 2nd dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine earlier this year, professional diver Florian Dagoury, who is among the world's leading record-holders in static apnea (holding one's breath under water), noticed strange changes in his resting heart rate and breathing capacities. Four weeks later, after visiting a cardiologist he received a diagnosis of myocarditis and trivial mitral regurgitation. With no previous history of cardiovascular illness, he concluded that these effects were produced by the Pfizer vaccine.
Professional mountain-biker Kyle Warner was also recently diagnosed with pericarditis, along with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, which both began shortly after receiving his Pfizer shot. Kyle has shared his experience on his YouTube channel, and also participated on a roundtable discussion at the US senate on vaccine reactions in early November.
Former West Ham United soccer player Pedro Obiang was hospitalized for 10-15 days shortly after receiving his COVID vaccine in July. The 29-year old was also told that he had myocarditis and, as a result, was unable to engage in any sporting activities for at least 6 months.
Likewise, the 2016 Olympic gold medal cyclist Greg Van Avermaet was forced to quit this year's world championship after suffering injury from the Pfizer vaccine in June.
This is a small fraction of the total number of high-profile athletes who have suddenly been afflicted with cardiovascular disease in 2021 so far. Since myocarditis is an extremely dangerous condition of the heart with the potential to cause permanent damage, this may mean that these athletes never return to professional sporting activity again.
Additionally, there is a long list of other young athletes who were not as fortunate, and have mysteriously or unexpectedly passed away this year:
* Benjamin Taft (German footballer), aged 33, collapses after game, dies of heart attack.
* Luis Ojeda (Argentinian footballer), aged 20, player unexpectedly passes away.
* David Jenkins (Olympic silver medal diver and British coach), aged 31, passes away unexpectedly, cause of death currently unknown.
* Giuseppe Perrino (ex-professional footballer), aged 29, dies of heart attack during match.
* Avi Barot (cricket player), aged 29, suffers cardiac arrest and later dies.
* Jens De Smet (footballer), aged 27, collapses on pitch and passes away of heart attack.
The above account for just a few examples of sudden cardiac injury, death, or death of unknown causes experienced by young male athletes in 2021. These occurrences and media reports are being tracked more comprehensively on several different websites. One German list amasses over 75 accounts of similar events since June 2021, while another list, published in Hebrew, documents a staggering 183 events since December 2020. The overwhelming majority occurred in males, including over 100 deaths.
Indeed, it is well known that sudden death among athletes is higher than the average population. Research suggests that athletic performance at the semi-professional/professional level poses a 2.4-4.5 increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest/death relative to non-athletes. Additionally, males are more greatly affected, where there is approximately three to five times higher risk of developing sudden cardiac death compared with their female counterparts. Myocarditis is just one of the underlying causes, and is thought to account for 4-9% of cardiac events among athletes. Data on the total numbers of cardiac injury in athletes across the world is difficult to obtain, although sudden cardiac death is estimated to occur in one per 40,000-200,000 athletes.
At this point, there is insufficient evidence to claim that all or even most of these tragic events in 2021 were caused by one or other of the COVID vaccines. But we have reasonable grounds for asking whether it is possible that the mass-vaccination campaigns are responsible for a significant portion of these sudden events among this age group.
Furthermore, given that cardiac events are likely just one set of injuries, it is reasonable to wonder whether COVID vaccines are having a similarly destructive effect on the health of young people in general.
Disturbing trends in mortality after mass-vaccination
In a paper titled 'Expert evaluation on adverse effects of the Pfizer-COVID-19 vaccination' published in May 2021, Dr. Herve Seligman warned that mass-vaccination would result in a significant number of serious adverse events and deaths, and that this would disproportionately affect the young. He demonstrated greater COVID mortality rates in the vaccinated vs unvaccinated, and further analyses showed that for ages 20-90, vaccination mortality was inversely proportional to age. He explains:
"The stronger the immune system, the less likely one is to develop COVID19-induced symptoms. Hence, the elderly are more affected than young adults, men more than women, and people with pre-existing conditions, obese included, than the physically fit. Vaccine adverse reactions tend to behave the opposite way. They are proportional to the strength of the immune system, as many adverse effects associated to vaccines are immune system overreactions. These are more prevalent in younger adults and in women, the opposite demographic picture than for COVID19."
Evidence made available since then has proven Dr Seligman's warning to be accurate. Not only does the vaccine NOT protect against dying from COVID, it actually appears to increase the risk of death. Analysis by Matthew Crawford on mortality rates in thirteen countries before and after implementing mass-vaccination campaigns showed a staggering 11.6 times increase in COVID deaths post-vaccination.
The rate of deaths due to 'abnormal clinical findings' in the US maintained a steady average until approximately March/April 2021. Suddenly deaths began to spike and continued to increase well into September. This increase closely correlated with the weekly doses that were administered.
Furthermore, deaths began to climb at around the same time as the FDA approved 'emergency use authorization' of the Pfizer vaccine for adolescents aged 12-15.
Young adult and adolescent deaths increasing
A report looking at excess mortality statistics in young adults was published by Dr. Steve Ohana and Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude. It showed that excess deaths in adults under the ages of 50 were higher in countries which employed mass vaccination campaigns (UK, Israel, and Hungary) compared with other countries that did not. The greatest increase was shown for ages 20-29.
According to the authors:
"it appears that the difference between mass and moderate vaccination is significant in terms of mortality growth in young age groups, and that mass vaccination is associated to a higher young adults' mortality growth."
More data coming out of Israel demonstrated a similar increase in all-cause mortality between February-May 2021 among 20-29 year olds:
Furthermore, research published by Israeli Professor Retzef Levi showed massive increases in cardiac arrests in adults aged 20-49 between Jan 1st-May 31st 2021 compared with the previous two years.
There was also much higher incidence of acute coronary syndromes in both males and females between 16-49 years old. As can be seen from the table below, the youngest age group (age 16-19) saw the greatest percent increase for both sexes, followed by the second youngest age group (age 20-29).
Kyle & April - Ride MTB, Original:
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An Israeli media report (translated into English by documents a 500% increase in sudden cardiac/unexplained deaths among FIFA athletes in 2021 compared with the previous year.

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CriticalThinker333 1 month ago

I thought this thing was safe smh. Buddy your immune system is done! Why did people not wait for more data & testing. That jab is NO GOOD! You will not recover sadly. This thing was well diabolically planned.

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Carole Baumgarten
Carole Baumgarten 1 month ago

thankyou for sharing your story!

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Carole Baumgarten
Carole Baumgarten 1 month ago

my sister died suddenly from her pfizer shots! the ones who lived are the lucky ones!

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jrogers22 1 month ago

"its been a good expirence to go through" what a idiot, is this guy for real.

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Adrian0800001066 1 month ago

He's mates with that arsehole on Youtube. What's his name? Dr John Campbell.

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40% Increase IN Deaths After Covid Vaccine: San Diego TV Reports
08 Aug 2022
40% Increase IN Deaths After Covid Vaccine: San Diego TV Reports
TheAlexJonesChannel · 781 Views