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Catherine Austin Fitts and Dolores Cahill
16 Oct 2021
Catherine Austin Fitts and Dolores Cahill
AldousHuxley · 3 Views

Alex Jones Exposes Electric Car Charging Stations in Austin TX


⁣As it turns out, the building and electricity coming from these charging stations have a bigger carbon footprint

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romanticdance 1 month ago

You can't get a car loaded in 30 minutes.

Even a moderate car
needs 50KW power. Multiply that with 5 hours makes 250 KWH.

if it were 250 Volts batteries, you still need 1000 amps in an hour
or 200 Amps at 5 hours. which is entirely impossible. Or you have to
use high voltage which is far to dangerous.
The generated heat
would be the same or worse.

The cables would be like those of a
large ship and the heat generated would blow the whole

Electric cars are a myth. There will never be the
necessary infrastructure, surely not green.

A single car would
swallow the nations reserves. Green energy is no more than

Besides that the distance would be very limited and
dependant of temperature and age of the battery. A battery will
always leak energy. So you have to pay for the losses even if you
don’t drive.
Batteries can be
recharged no more than 400 times fully unloaded or if very partially
unloaded 2000 times. Exchanging batteries is extremely expensive.
Electric cars are insane expensive and all run on subsidiaries,
otherwise it’s a dead duck.

Green driving is bollocks.
Electric cars produce much more Co2 and fossil fuel pollution then
fuel driven cars.

Not directly on their own, but by the extra
power needed and all power is mostly the result of fossil fuel.

is not enough resources to build a world with batteries driven cars.
The losses are greater than ordinary cars.

Even a fast BMW is
more efficient then most hybrids or electric cars and refuel in just
a couple of minutes rather than 8 hours.

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Tubemonks 1 month ago

allegedly 30 mins to charge this car but what happens when the battery gets older? Loses it's charge more quickly so will also cost you more and more ....

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TheORIGINALTruthFairy 1 month ago

Same as fucking millions spent on cycle lanes in Auckland with noone using them. A monument to "we give a fuck about the earth". And the whole "plastic straw" bs when mask pollution is never discussed. I lived in Auckland for 10 years, never recycled once, and fuck all your "opinions" to the contrary. Anyone challenges me, I go fuck my garbage in the street. Sound like I'm blowing smoke? Fucking try me. I DON'T JUST TALK, PUSH MY FUCKING BUTTONS!!! I don't give a fuck about your guilt/ridicule/anger psychological games. That's already been proven 100s of times :)

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PAUL50 1 month ago

5G the silent killer..

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DUBsential 1 month ago

there is one in town that is free no fucker uses it lol

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bntchrisw 1 month ago

mybe no one has an electric car in that town ?

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Catherine Austin Fitts and Dolores Cahill
16 Oct 2021
Catherine Austin Fitts and Dolores Cahill
AldousHuxley · 3 Views