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Kristall 14 Jun 2021
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Rockefeller Lockstep & The Blue Beam Project Download
27 Jul 2021
Rockefeller Lockstep & The Blue Beam Project Download
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Amazing Polly | Vials,Thugs & Spies, Oh My!


⁣June 14, 2021. ⁣in 2009, the 'ebola gene' was smuggled out of a
Canadian Level 4 lab. What happened with that? I share a potentially huge discovery! BOOM!TO SUPPORT MY CHANNEL: I have the best audience on the internet! Thank you all for being here. ♥I also show you a second breach of security at that same lab.. it happened right before our current 'pandemic.' Curiouser and curiouser....

References: Video Yao Smuggling Ebola:

REUTERS Yao Ebola 2009: Didn’t Tell Police Vials Stolen: Fined $500 Time served CBC: Dr. Michel Yao, WADEM:

Nature Mag, Yao from Cote D’Ivoire:

Who Train Leadership Emergency Reponse, Yao:

WHO photo gallery:

AP Investigation into Sex for Jobs, Congo:

Why the WHO Faked a Pandemic:

Wodarg, 2009 Pandemic is False:

Mercola: WHO changed definition of Herd Immunity:

CBC Lab Severs Ties with Researchers July 2019:

Wake Up Call – Chinese Scientists might have been spies:

Microbiology Lab toxic work env, CBC:

Gilmour Quits for UK job:

⁣This Content Is Mirrored. Please support the original creator. All credit, royalties and sincere thanks to the original source of this video.

⁣Amazing Polly, Vials Thugs & Spies, Oh My! ⁣June 14, 2021

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OnlyTruth4Me 1 month ago

Thanks Polly excellent research, thankyou for all your hard work you do to make these presentation.

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Sybella 1 month ago

The world is a scary place.....

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Jos Boersema
Jos Boersema 1 month ago

⁣Job interview at the WHO.
Interviewer: “You will take a role of a leader in our organization. We expect initiative from you, integrity, but it must all be rooted firmly in a well rounded understanding of the medical field, epidemiology in particular. We have some questions for you. We will present you some situations, and ask you to respond with how you would react, or think you should react.”
Job applicant: “Thank you so much for this opportunity.”
Interviewer: “You need to hire more staff, and you have the budget. How do you screen the candidates before you have an interview with them.”
Job applicant: “I select all the beautiful females wearing tight clothes.”
Interviewer: “Well done, that's what we do. Next comes the interview, what will you ask ?”
Job applicant: “Well, I've been wondering what should be the priority, but then I realized you could test for two necessary qualities at the same time. I ask them if they want to sleep with me, to get to the next round.”
Interviewer to his assistent: “This one shows some promise, mark his name. Next question. You are offered 100 grand for a promising cure to some illness, what do you do.”
Job applicant: “That is horrible ! I would never take that money. Would selling the formula hurt one of our companies ? A promising cure should be worth a lot more.”
Interviewer: “Correct, it depends but yes it can be worth more. Let's say you make the deal for an adequate price, and we are ok with the sale because we will make the cure illegal anyway. How are you going to deal with the money.”
Job applicant: “If the deal was brokered by me, I am entitled to a good chunk of that money because it was my deal. I think I'll kick back half of it up the food chain, split between the WHO bosses and the usual Senators. With the other half I'll keep some small fish happy, and pay to tie up loose ends.”
Interviewer: “You are a top of the line manager and you know what is important in the medical field. You seem to be reliable, dilligent, generous and caring. A team player, as we say. It would be an honor to have you working for the WHO, to save lives and make the world a better place.”

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jinjer 1 month ago

when i found out what they did with our dogs (parvo), i knew we were next. vile filth, they are.

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Mossie69 1 month ago

Excellent work Polly, very interesting.

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Rockefeller Lockstep & The Blue Beam Project Download
27 Jul 2021
Rockefeller Lockstep & The Blue Beam Project Download
Learn Something New Today · 208 Views