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Lady V. Stardust 08 Mar 2021
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⁣TLAV New RCT Study Finds Vaccine Risk Outweighs COVID Risk, Inflation Lies & Heart Attack Cover
26 Jun 2022
⁣TLAV New RCT Study Finds Vaccine Risk Outweighs COVID Risk, Inflation Lies & Heart Attack Cover
Alltheworldsastage David · 8 Views

America is Hijacked: 14th Amendment Slavery & the NWO


⁣I tried uploading this here several months ago, and once again today. However, I have had ongoing issues with uploading to BrandNewTube and eventually gave up for awhile. The main reason I continue to login is for Dr. Vernon Coleman, but mostly I have been posting to Rumble since uploading there has never been an issue.

As such, the vast majority of my mirrored (or almost mirrored, as the case may be) posts are presently available via Rumble.
The link to the original may be found here: ⁣

⁣This particular clip provides a reasonable amount of historical perspective in its explanation of how alteration of amendment of the US Constitution has ultimately led Americans into an unknowing state of slavery as "second class citizens."

⁣Please forgive the low quality of this video, which has been in my archives since having received it many, many years ago (as part of a larger compilation which had been created during the first instalment of the Obama regime. As such, also please note the special "cameo" appearance by our old friend "Bumbling Joe Biden" who (as eloquently as ever) attempts to help us in understandng "our" role and commitment toward creation/effective maintenance of a "New World Order" in accordance with set guidelines via United Nations, Council on Foreign Relations, World Economic Forum, etc.

All statements made within this presentation are easily checkable, and my aim in having shared this material has been to help others toward grasping a better understanding of what has been happening in relation to the ongoing structurisation of a massive, impenetrable system of global government––and subsequent decimation of Constitutional, civil, and inalienable God-given rights.

As of early December of 2020, my mindset was still inclined toward belief that there was still some possibility for us to reject these "New World Order" systems and reclaim our sovereignty. Sadly, since the onset of 2021, I feel far less inclined to believe in the possibility of any change.

However, I do still believe that gaining better understanding of the issues at hand is the key element to finding workable solutions toward some desirable outcome.

Knowledge of history may still be our very best strategy toward building a sustainable future, though things are far less likely to change for the better with so many people still believing/feeding into these corrupt centralised systems of government.

There once seemed to be a fairly decent chance of dismantling it entirely, but it now appears that far too many people continue to put far too much faith in "leadership" by way of those they falsely believe to have elected. Elections held in 2020 & 2021 have made it quite glaringly obvious that there are in fact NO free and fair elections in the USA (or other "developed" nations within the worldwide infrastructure of government control & command). In order to stop these things, we MUST stop feeding them.

Taxation is theft, and for some reason I still feel somewhat inclined to urge everyone EVERYWHERE (not only in the USA) to STOP paying into these horrendous mafia systems which only serve to fuck us about and keep mankind in eternal bondage. The time is now long overdue for us to reject their systems, build our own sovereign economies, and completely shut out the oligarchs.

Their money and established structures of power mean NOTHING without the consent of slaves they aim to control and rely upon to do their bidding. Nomatter who appears to be in power, the federal government (& similar structures of control) is NOT our friend.

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1 year ago

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⁣TLAV New RCT Study Finds Vaccine Risk Outweighs COVID Risk, Inflation Lies & Heart Attack Cover
26 Jun 2022
⁣TLAV New RCT Study Finds Vaccine Risk Outweighs COVID Risk, Inflation Lies & Heart Attack Cover
Alltheworldsastage David · 8 Views