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Peteswe 23 Oct 2021

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They Want To Keep Us Away From The Truth!(720p)
28 Nov 2021
They Want To Keep Us Away From The Truth!(720p)
srmgin · 158 Views

Anal Schwab wants to take away your identity.


This is the devil in disguise.
Talking about manipulation of the human race.

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SemperFi 1 month ago

There's nothing wrong with Anal Schwab that 1000 injections of the Pfizer jab directly into his sphincter wouldn't cure. 😎

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1 month ago


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straw 1 month ago

⁣clayton waters

People need to know that with loans etc, they lend the money to themselves. They also pay it back the day they lent it. So what are they being charged for when it has already been paid back ?.. Get the original promissory note you signed as this will prove that it has been repaid at the start. How? ... The note has been sold. The notes cannot be sold if they havent been paid.... if in trouble and to save your home, demand the original promissory note. You should also demand to see the private side of the account which will show all was repaid.

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romanticdance 1 month ago

Klaus Anal Swab is a devil ridden bastard a true despot. Hidden in
fine cloth and living in wealth he wants to rule the world. But he is
Satan in person. Once that criminal gets into power there is no limit
to it's weird idea's. He's totally megalomaniac. A technocrat. He'd
likes to turn us into robots, who he can control or eliminate on
demand by a mouse-click. Like the movies of Fritz Lang. He would
recreate hell on earth. Beware of his lies, promises and delusions.
His 4e revolution is nothing but a real world-war, only to eradicate
us and to gain all the money and wealth. To live like a Pterodactyl
in his Jewry Swiss hideouts in the mountains. The guy is totally
nuts. Drunken of his ambitions and self inflated Ego. If you are
under the influence of the shadow, you will be inflated and there is
no limit to it. As if you are God. Like Trumps typical narcissism.
Narcissists and Psychopaths have no consciousness. Swab is a typical
psychopath. Appears to be amiable, but only to fuck you and stab you
in the back. Extremely selfish. Rottenchild connections. Part of the
global banking mafia who invent crises after crises only to ruin us
and to reduce us to slaves. Don't fall for the green paradise of
Klaus Anal Swab. Any paradise has it's snakes and his version is
nothing but snakes. He would like to identify you by a number like
that Nazi's did, His whole rotten family was Nazi, connected with
Hitler. His family was also eugenist. He wants to continue the
eradication of the useless eaters. To re-create the Arian
superhumans. A robotic version of dual sex creatures. A display of
his own split up mind. You could call it elite schizophrenia. One
"own nothing world" for that plebs and one luxury for
himself. He would turn his thumb to decide you should liver or die
like an emperor. Nazi's did the same in the selections of the useful
idiots and the useless eaters. No names, just numbers. De humanised

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MentallyUnfit 1 month ago

Anal Schwab is not a bad term for this creature, that's worse than a germ or fecal matter on your shoe. ⁣Resist, Defy, Do not comply, just say NO.

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They Want To Keep Us Away From The Truth!(720p)
28 Nov 2021
They Want To Keep Us Away From The Truth!(720p)
srmgin · 158 Views