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Veritasshow 18 May 2021
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This new world they're creating is turning into a F-ing nightmare
17 Jun 2021
This new world they're creating is turning into a F-ing nightmare
robthehook · 86 Views

are they coming for your Kids ? The Simpsons



vax warfare ⁣The Simpsons

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mirunamihai 25 days ago

⁣All connected to Sasha Stone (UN) 7GrainsofSalt
You were right. Moreover, judge Robert David Steele (feature in your vid, as a judge with the fake International Tribunal for Natural Justice) is a big Trump stooge and Q promoter and friend of Sacha Stone's. He seems to have a special relationship to Iran too (wtf?). Fighting high-ranking politicians' pedophilia with Epstein's buddy, Trump:
Check these out:
Trump will be re-elected/ Zionists not Russians are the enemy/ Kushner must go: Steele
January 14, 2019 - 10:13
By Robert David Steele
January 6, 2020 - 14:16
WORLD WAR III? President Donald Trump Was Lied To, Will This Martyrdom Lead to a Restored Palestine?
Robert David Steele #UNRIG
Freemason Donald Trump Masonic Hand Signs at Inauguration
Trump doing the masonic triangle handsign during a meeting with Putin!
(Norwegian Tv footage)
min. 16:55-17:00

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Bilesh 27 days ago

Epic, they got some nerve to be so blatant open about it.

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dayman30 29 days ago

"see ya later inoculator". The only Simpson's thing that hasn't come true yet is, "Trump in a coffin. (or has he been replaced, and is already in a coffin)?

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PedroMartinDeClet 29 days ago

⁣⁣⁣⁣And the Band Played On =

A Must Watch for anyone wanting to understand how Fauci let 1000's die while ⁣wresting credit for isolating & identifying 'aids' from a French scientist before
he would agree to making a joined statement on aids.

Fauci = Dr. Robert Gallo = is played by Alan Alda =


⁣And the Band Played On ⁣1993 ⁣2h 21min⁣
Vimeo ⁣

⁣And the Band Played On ⁣1993 ⁣2h 17min
Youtube ⁣

⁣And the Band Played On

⁣And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic is a 1987 book by San Francisco Chronicle journalist Randy Shilts. The book chronicles the discovery and spread of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) with a special emphasis on government indifference and political infighting—specifically in the United States—to what was then perceived as a specifically gay disease. Shilts's premise is that AIDS was allowed to happen: while the disease is caused by a biological agent, incompetence and apathy toward those initially affected allowed its spread to become much worse.

⁣Salk Institute Warning | Robin Monotti Graziadei

April 30, 2021
Novel coronavirus' spike protein plays additional key role in illness⁣

April 30, 2021
Covid19's spike protein plays an additional role in illness: Study Reveals⁣

April 30, 2021
The novel coronavirus' spike protein plays additional key role in illness
by Salk Institute

Vaccination bioweapon genocide against persons of color documented: Alfred Lambremont Webre

Everyone on the world stage, your televisions & all screens is a satanic ACTOR always acting.

Toxemia - The One True Disease

Dozens of Doctors-Scientists say Pandemic is FAKE, Virus is FAKE and the VACCINE will HURT or KILL You


The Vaccine Watchman 1888 by Stokes, W. D


War Against the Weak⁣

⁣Unethical human experimentation in the United States⁣

⁣Eugenics in the United States

⁣The US has a history of testing biological weapons on the public – were infected ticks used too?⁣

⁣Army Conducted 239 Secret, Open-Air Germ Warfare Tests

⁣How the U.S. Government Exposed Thousands of Americans to Lethal Bacteria to Test Biological Warfare

⁣A History Timeline of Population Control⁣

⁣Top 10 US Government Experiments Done On Its Own Citizens⁣

⁣Biological Warfare Experiment on American Citizens Results in Spreading Pandemic

⁣The 13 Most Evil US Government Human Experiments

COVID-19: The Great Resetby Klaus Schwab & Thierry Malleret


⁣ Members of the Jeffrey Epstein 'we are all in this together' pedophile planned-demic worldstage performers.

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pow12 29 days ago

Spot on.

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This new world they're creating is turning into a F-ing nightmare
17 Jun 2021
This new world they're creating is turning into a F-ing nightmare
robthehook · 86 Views