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Rex_Colt 02 Aug 2021
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General-Milley-Warpspeed-Trump-and Sleepy Joe
17 Sep 2021
General-Milley-Warpspeed-Trump-and Sleepy Joe
Pinevillegracefellowship · 8 Views

Australia - A Social Experiment in Criminal Government and Terrorist Police

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Aussie Peppa Pig - The Vaccine

Dr Sam Bailey Once Upon A Time in Wuhan....

Hundreds of ADF personnel start patrolling Sydney streets

Police ramp up compliance checks in Greater Sydney

Prime Minister's nephew admits to illegal building work

U-M will require COVID-19 vaccination on all campuses

Lockdown exit in Australians' hands: PM

Ardern blames pandemic for poll plunge

Is the Technocracy Coming to Mexico?

Robby Valentine - Roll Up Your Sleeves (End Track)

Commonwealth of Australia States Assembly

Requiring the use of COVIDSafe


Affadavit of Status (pdf)

Notice of Estoppel (42 Questions)

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn - 200 Years Together pdf:

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Adamvalentino 29 days ago

I feel sorry for the select people in New Zealand who can't leave their homes to give Jacinda Ardern a blowjob..

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HHPERRYS 1 month ago

⁣THE PRESS MAGNATE Alfred Harmsworth, later Britain’s Lord Northcliffe, once said: “News is what someone, somewhere is trying to suppress; the rest is just advertising.”
Federal Reserve Shareholder Revealed 1976 94th Congress .

Anne Frank Hoax.

Jewish 5th column
Auschwitz Tour

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pedronumerouno 1 month ago

heres a insight into the mentality of the minds behind the corupt govs, and the whole non exisant covid scamdemic, which is about siezing control to instigate the zionist jewish rothchilds idea of population eradication using " useful idiots" aka govs. they never carry out their dirt work, but use disposable assets, people like govs, security services, military, police, all of whom will take it in urn to be in the postion we the citizens are in. said it before and again, would love to be a fly on a coppers wall, when he tells his wife and kids, that him selling out to foreign actors hiding behind a imposed dictator, is not going to save them or himself. its going to be a rude tube classic in years to come, as the sinking reality hits home, they turned traitorsagainst their own people thinking they would survive, but were also lied to, just as we all are being lied to know. their must be some kind of disconect in the brian dept, that makes them think, that when they take the uniform of, they are some how different to another citizen on the street. the difference is we the people did sell each other out, nit even the cops in fav of a temp pass, soon to be removed, in fav of the next higher up the pecking ladder, military, im guessing. oh dear. fly, wall, enjoy.

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Justahunch 1 month ago

They have to jab all the unvaxxed as they would otherwise be at severe risk of good health.

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Justahunch 1 month ago

Nuremburg 2 needed ASAP for all Covidocrats.

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General-Milley-Warpspeed-Trump-and Sleepy Joe
17 Sep 2021
General-Milley-Warpspeed-Trump-and Sleepy Joe
Pinevillegracefellowship · 8 Views