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Rex_Colt 19 Sep 2021
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Chicago Police Officers DEFY JAB Mandate by NWO Mayor Lightfoot!
16 Oct 2021
Chicago Police Officers DEFY JAB Mandate by NWO Mayor Lightfoot!
Rogersings NWO News! · 152 Views

Australia FIGHTS BACK! - AMAZING Video As Protesters BREAK Police Line! - Global UPRISING CONTINUES!


⁣Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent protests in Australia as
countless protesters push through police lines again and take to the
streets to reject the insanely tyrannical vaccine mandates and lockdown
restrictions that continue to take place.
The uprising in Australia
is very overdue and if it fails, God help us all. This is global and
will not stop with Australia or Canada or France or Italy. The tyranny
will keep persisting until either we make it end or there are none of us
In this video, we report on the latest footage from Australia
as well as the protests in Germany and of course Paris where we are
currently reporting from.
Though Paris has been seen as a global
inspiration as massive protests take to the streets, this week during
the global freedom marches, Paris showed up in much smaller numbers than
previously signaling that something seriously wrong is happening.
Meanwhile, it's impossible to eat or drink without a jab here in Paris
and to think more people wouldn't protest for their very humanity is
Stay tuned as we continue to cover these events world wide!
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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson
Josh Sigurdson
Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson
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AngaelTartarRose 18 days ago

May they all be hung on their own gallows, & incarcerated in their own concentration camps. These are murderers of our families that you are protecting, you so-called 'police.'

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AngaelTartarRose 18 days ago

POLICE BRUTALITY. These are people with prior oaths to freemasons, which should disqualify every one of them from their positions to protect the citizenry. They have prior conflicts of interest. They are captured & compromised. They are not upholding the law. They are acting as jack-boot Nazi thugs & bullies They are serving the UN, NWO instead of serving their own country. They are guilty of treason. For people not wearing a mask, & at a peaceful protest for actual freedom against dictatorship, police have engaged in outright brutality, & this is evident to all fair media & journalists.

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True2Shepherd 24 days ago

This is exactly how you DO NOTwin-over the confidence of The People.

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schematicvirol 26 days ago

So who is enslaving us? Unless we understand that Satan is the king of this world then we will never understand who is at the top and fully in control.
There's much more to come yet, this is just the begining of sorrows.

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GrumpyMadMan 26 days ago

Everyone of those MINDLESS, IMMORAL, BRAINWASHED, STUNTED..............ORDER FOLLOWERS should be beaten into disability! Soon they will start shooting protestors and it will get very real!

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Chicago Police Officers DEFY JAB Mandate by NWO Mayor Lightfoot!
16 Oct 2021
Chicago Police Officers DEFY JAB Mandate by NWO Mayor Lightfoot!
Rogersings NWO News! · 152 Views