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Rogersings NWO News! 21 Jun 2021
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23 May 2022
UKACTION · 388 Views

Australian Lt General JABBING JOHN -JJ- Frewen Accidentally TELLS the TRUTH - RETREAT!!!


Mirrored from ---> ⁣

Yes, it's TRUE ... The consequences of the VACCINES are ⁣exponentially WORSE than any potential side effects of the COVID sickness! Therefore, line up and receive your NWO JAB ID and Genetic Bio-Weapon Operating System into your BODY at your OWN RISK and with your CONSENT to become an Experimental COW of the NWO! MOOOOOOVE ALONG LITTLE DOGIES!

Here's the full video source (listen to General JJ at 1:34) ---> ⁣

I'm sure Lt General JABBING JOHN "JJ" is sorry that he didn't properly articulate the ORDER of the New World Order ... to GET your JAB and enter into "⁣Shangri La"!

⁣Calling in the army for the vaccine rollout and every other emergency shows how ill-prepared we are ---> ⁣

⁣News the army’s Lieutenant General John “JJ” Frewen has been picked to lead a new COVID-19 vaccination task force has prompted fresh discussion of the defence force’s role in Australia.

⁣⁣Athlete Who Recovered From COVID Facing ‘Very Different Future’ After Second Dose of Pfizer Vaccine Triggers Myocarditis ---> ⁣

Frewen, already the commander of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) COVID-19 task force, will now also direct a “military-style scale up phase of the beleaguered vaccination rollout”, as one media report put it.

Press conference in Canberra on 18 June 2021 about the COVID-19 vaccine advice update, vaccine hesitancy and vaccine supply ---> ⁣

⁣Identifying the Luciferian Globalists Implementing the New World Order – Who are the “Jews”? ---> ⁣

⁣Exposing Russian president Vladimir Putin and his crypto-Soviet state for the Judeo-masonic, Chabad mafiya collaborators that they are ---> ⁣

⁣Merck rejects ivermectin for COVID treatment after getting $1.2 billion gov’t contract for expensive, unproven drug ---> ⁣

⁣Athlete Who Recovered From COVID Facing ‘Very Different Future’ After Second Dose of Pfizer Vaccine Triggers Myocarditis ---> ⁣


Here's a RELATED story about an AUSSIE guy who is pissed off about the lies of this scam-demic.

⁣Finally Found a Person With a Reasonable Emotional Reaction to the Covid Agenda ---> ⁣

Note, this guy is worked up about being played by this scam-demic and more people should be OUTRAGED like him. However, he think the Austrialian Healh minister said NO ONE has died from COVID in Austrailia but he said no one THIS YEAR, in 2021, has died from COVID in Australia.

This statement was made by Greg Hunt, the minister of Health in Australia. Just to clarify, he was saying that in the year 2021 NO no has died from COVID but people died in 2020 from COVID. Look, this COVID is a scam-demic to promote the POISONIUS JAB and control people into a NWO. Don't TAKE the JAB. Here's the whole video of this speech, he says no one has died this year right at the beginning of the video ---> ⁣

⁣This AUSSIE GUY who is TICKED OFF by this SCAM-DEMIC is PARITIALLY RIGHT ... Greg Hunt said NO ONE in Austrailia has died this year, in 2021, from COVID.

Here's the transcript ---> ⁣

One of the things that we have done throughout the course of the pandemic, from the earliest days when Brendan provided his advice, is follow that medical advice. It has been the difference in so many ways as to why this year, for example, whilst the world has agonisingly lost over 2 million souls to COVID, there have been no people who have caught COVID in Australia and passed away.

No Jab for Me (thousands of links and details about how the virus and the vaccines are CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!) --->

Informed Consent Matter (113 pages of details of those who have DIED from the JAB) --->

“Then God said, “I now give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the entire earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.” - Genesis 1:29

3 Foods That Contain Shikimic Acid to Halt Spike Protein Transmission --->

Get Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), Ivermectin, and other COVID-19 medications in the USA in almost every state within 24 hours --->
Get COVID medication sent to your home ---> CALL RAVKOO PHARMACY - Phone: 863-875-5700

Here Are 35 Reasons NOT to take the JAB by Gary G. Kohls, MD --->

SHARE this with Loved Ones (An excellent 16 minute video to articulate the DANGER of this EXPERIMENT Gentic Code Injection!) --->

20 Mechanisms of Injuries (MOI) - How COVID-19 Injections Can Make You Sick; Even Kill You - Dr. Sherri Tenpenny --->

COVID-19 JABS Are Gene Therapy NOT VACCINES! --->

Harmful Ingredients in Vaccines --->

Statements in this site are substantiated with facts that will stand in a court of law --->

Informed Consent Information (one page printable handout) --->

Sometime after June 9, 2020 the WHO changed the definition of "herd immunity" from naturally acquried immunity or vaccinated immunity, to vaccinated ONLY immunity. I have "heard" immunity ... I heard this is a scam-demic where the real purpose is to inject people with an Experimental Genetic Code so they can be culled and controlled! --->

Form for Employees Whose Employers Are Requiring Covid-19 Injections --->

Every Vaccine Produces Harm - Dr Andrew Moulden ---> ⁣

Your Rights! ---> ⁣

18 Reasons I Won't Be Getting a Covid Vaccine --->

THE VACCINATION RACKET (1,000s of links exposing the DEADLY VAXX hoax) --->

Vaccines, The Biggest Medical Fraud In History (2018 E Book) --->

Health Freedom Advocacy Center - You can hold the government accountable to protect your ability to choose what’s best for your health and for the wellbeing of your children. --->

COVID-19 Overview --->

*VAERS USA COVID REPORTS (Quick Display of VAXX Injury) ---->

5 questions to ask your friends who plan to get the Covid vaccine --->

People's International Court oF Justice --->

*LOTS OF LINKS* Medical Opposition to CoVid-19 LockDowns, Vaccine Dangers, Disturbing Global Agendas, 5G Radiation, Boost Immune System Naturally --->

Great Barrington Declaration --->

Effective Treatments for COVID-19 - Ivermectin and Vitamin D --->

A Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment --->

Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” - John 3:3

Watch "The Chosen" - Nicodemus meets Jesus - You Must Be Born Again! --->

You must be "born again" Spiritually to ENTER the Kingdom of Heaven, to be the BRIDE OF CHRIST! Salvation is by BIRTH not BEHAVIOR.

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, - Romans 3:23

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. - John 3:16

The ABCs of Salvation explained by JD Farag -->
A - Admit your a sinner (Romans 3:23)
B - Believe Jesus is Lord (John 3:16)
C - Call upon His name (Romans 10:13)

The UDB's of Salvation explained on Rogersings website ---> ⁣
U – Understand that God is holy and God hates sin because sin has destroyed His world and sin separates you from His love and sin separates you from eternal life with God.
D – Desire to be reconciled to God and saved from the eternal death sentence that you are under because you were born with a Self Indulgent Nature (SIN).
B – Believe that Jesus died, was buried and rose from the grave proving He is the only begotten Son of God who will take away your sin.

With your mind you believe, with your heart you receive
With your mouth you confess you're no longer deceived!

Blessings to the Family of God - Jesus Only Y'all - JOY! - Rogersings

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Danshu1 8 months ago

Freudian slips are inevitable when you spend all day lying to people knowing they are going to get seriously ill.

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10 months ago

Their loosing it. Their loosing it. I can smell the fear..

   0    0
10 months ago

A slip of the tongue or is he, in his own way, warning us of the real dangers of compliance in this madness?

   2    0
Rabbi Tikvah
Rabbi Tikvah 11 months ago

Great post!

   2    0
seanprawn 11 months ago

A slip? a slip on purpose? A few of these folks are dropping truthbombs, left right and centre.
Could it be as simple as trying too hard not to fuck it up...and what do ya know!
They do say "The truth will out"
Hey Greta Thunberg sub-conciously denied Climate Change in the last few days. That was class! Check it out. People just can't stop telling truths all of a sudden! Wouldn't that be a fantasic side effect of the jibjab!
Maybe whatever's wrong with Biden is spreading. Biden, The Super Spreader of his own affliction? Now That is Proper scary!

   3    0
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23 May 2022
UKACTION · 388 Views