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Jeffrey Keith
Jeffrey Keith 29 Jan 2022

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New W.H.O. Threat, and the Better Way
20 May 2022
New W.H.O. Threat, and the Better Way
Kristall · 17 Views

Biden's Always Been A Racist Bigot, Ban Trans From Girl Sports & New Variants Coming Your W


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Sources used in video:

Biden is a racist bigot -

Biden is completely clueless -

Biden has to award contract to China, they own him -

WV Governor tells Bette Midler to kiss his dogs ass -

Pa. rules mail in voting unconstitutional -

Mass shooting in Kenosha -

BLM is a scam -

Indiana bans trans from playing girls sports -

UPenn women swimmers finally speak out -

Embalmers can't embalm -

How convenient, coward Trudeau isolating during trucker protest -

New stealth variant surfaces in Washington state -

China discovers new strain also, good times -

Why are we at the olympics -

What a positive covid test means - 17:00-17:40

Fauci the flip flopper -

Steve Inman -

Song - ABCDEFU: An Ode to the Left -

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JBsbg1 4 months ago

J.B. is a self-professed corrupt political "prostitute" & "zionist"! Godspeed on his journey to the real hell from the hell he and his minions have created. He can take "the beautful snake" (serpent) D.T. with him!

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New W.H.O. Threat, and the Better Way
20 May 2022
New W.H.O. Threat, and the Better Way
Kristall · 17 Views