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PetrafiedNews 18 Jun 2021
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30 Jul 2021
Rogersings NWO News! · 100 Views

Bill Cooper - FREEDOM!


Bill Cooper Speaks of the importance of freedom

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commonlawman 1 month ago

JESUS said, my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...
You need knowledge of Common law, the law of the land ( and living ) as only it will protect you.
Common law and the BIBLE together is the sacred COVENANT that the Freemason pagan satanists fear - fear that is only applicable if we the people use it.
All Governments are commercially registered corporate entities or systems - Freemason run they lie, cheat and decieve us into believing they have jurisdiction over us - inferred by them that is.
They have NONE as the government and the oath takers it employs committ MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE so any thing they say or do is NULL AND VOID.
There is an exeption, just*, if we brake a common law an oath taker such as the police or sherriff could arrest us if they have a WET SIGNED warrent from a judge.
The oath takers also have to produce their oaths when asked - always ask Judges, Police, Magistrates and Politicians for theirs or they CANNOT PROVE LAWFUL JURISDICTION UNDER COMMON LAW.
Again*, without proof of lawful jurisdiction even a wet signed warrent is null and void, we have the power but not the knowledge to stop the oath taking bastards down.
In the name of JESUS CHRIST, our father, son and holy ghost - we have to do this ourselves with common law and act like lions to defend our rights of freedom from birth. Jesus is coming back like a lion - turning the Freemason pagan satanists to burning calcium by passing 20 million amps through their body...We have two main electromagnetic fields that overlap in our chest, where we feel emotion - this is where the satanists will burn alive. Each of our cells are 1.4 volts - pass more amperage through them and a run away implosive burning event will occur.
Jesus will reign on Earth for 1,000 years, let's do him proud and take down those lying bastards who genocide God's creation daily.

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PatriciaShaw 1 month ago

Truth is the light it will set us all free, let it come flooding through.

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Berda 1 month ago

⁣⁣Share this video in AWI groups -

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1 month ago

⁣The Forgotten History of Britain's White Slaves in America

⁣When Europeans Were Slaves: Research Suggests White Slavery Was Much More Common Than Previously Believed

⁣Were more whites slaves brought to North Africa than black slaves were brought to the United States?

⁣Were Irish people the “first slaves in America”?

How Britain Glossed Over Their Role In Slavery | Britain's Slave Trade | Timeline

⁣Famous British Historian Claims Benjamin Franklin Was A British Spy
By Richard Deacon, author of "A History of the British SecretService," as told to Tom McMorrow. #72

1689 : The Coronation Oath Act of Great Britain

In Profile : how and why British Freemasonry changed allowing the mafia monarchy to reign over us

⁣George Washington and his "White Slaves" / Indentured in the Mt Vernon Plantation / Truth

⁣The Truth about Benjamin Franklin - The Runaway Indentured Servant / The history you were never told

⁣The Truth about Abraham Lincoln // The Runaway Indentured Servant Colored Man

⁣The Story of William Ellison / Wealthiest Plantation Owner in South Carolina / Free Person of Color

⁣Alexander Hamilton The Swarthy West Indian

⁣Swarthy Europe and its Aboriginal Inhabitants

⁣PT 2 - Swarthy Europe and its Aboriginal Inhabitants

⁣PT 3 - Swarthy Europe and its Aboriginal Inhabitants, /Ancient Colored Europeans/Whitewashed History

⁣Negros were the Native Americans - Slave in your own house. Roman Jew Colony in America 700AD

⁣Right Orientation # 4 - Operation Dominic/Fishbowl/High Jump/Admiral Byrd/Ice Wall

An inglorious Columbus; or, Evidence that Hwui Shan and a party of Buddhist monks from Afghanistan discovered America in the fifth century, a.d

Vining, Edward Payson, 1847-1920

Obama, who I voted for twice is a lying fraud & should be an embarrassment to ALL DECENT HUMANS = Denied who his real biological father was the late Communist Party activist Frank Marshall Davis to become president =

P.S. I am still waiting for the hope & change that I can believe in & I am not referring to Michele being a man.

P.S. 2 Michelle Is a man.

Q is for the Queen's QinetiQ - Coronavirus Patent - Huge Discovery

Queen Elizabeth - Enemy #1 of Humanity

Presidents, Popes, Queen, Elite Illuminati Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice

⁣OBAMA & Celebrities Worship Satan

satanic sodomites SUCK !

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Jesse 1 month ago

99% of humans have NO idea that they are in the middle of the jew's WORLD WAR FOUR!!

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30 Jul 2021
Rogersings NWO News! · 100 Views