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Terral03 17 Nov 2020
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Black Star Questions and Answers for Gary and Martin: August 10, 2020


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Making the Black Star-Superplume Electromagnetic-energy Connections

Written by Gary and Terral

August 09, 2020Gary questions:

Terral: Ok I can understand and see your explanation, that the only energy available is from the sun cause the black star has none and gets what it gets from our sun. (From your video) Since there is a limited amount of energy available from our sun and the Black Star is sucking a large chunk up and re-distributing it to the other planets which decreases the net amount of shield sustaining energy for our planet. If I am understanding correctly, the earth shield has reduced (shrunken) due to less electromagnetic energy from our sun due to redistribution to other planets by the Black Star THEN what energy is responsible for heating up the earth's core and causing the glassy magma to expand and pressure up and threaten extinction ??? What forces (energy) are interacting from the Black Star to the earth causing the heating of the core??? if less energy is available to the planet? My understanding from following your reports that the planet's iron core was heating up due electromagnetic induction effect from the Black Star.... which makes me think there are different energy forms interacting here. One form that sustains the shield and another form that is heating up the core. Just wondering. can you enlighten further? .. Gary

Black Star Questions

Written by Martin and Terral

August 10, 2020

Hey there Terral,Martin here. I know you’re busy. It’s great that you're finally nailing down land for the survival group. Been a long time coming. Your excitement is palpable when i watch the vids. I’m happy for you.Ok a black star question for you. It’s probably my last one, I've got a pretty good handle on everything else. I’ll try to be concise.
Martin: The black star is just outside of the Mars orbit path, lined up with the libra constellation, moving left in the orbit diagram 3 degrees a year. Converting degrees to miles, 1 earth degree being 1.6 million miles, the black star travels just under 5 million miles a year.The Black Star is likely positioned inside of Mars orbit path and scheduled to cross Earth orbit path on May 20, 2021 based upon current predictive modeling.

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Angelita Konecny
Angelita Konecny 2 months ago

North Carolina here. Very interesting!

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