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CHRIS THRALL 23 Sep 2020
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31 Oct 2020
News Alert! We Interrupt This Election to Bring You This War With China
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Blue On Blue | The Untold Horror Of The Falklands War | Major Andy Shaw Royal Marines | Podcast Clip


⁣Andy served both in the ranks and as an officer from 1976 to 1996 in the
Royal Marines. He passed out of training as the top recruit (King’s
Badgeman, 98 Troop) and as the best Young Officer (Royal Marines Sword
of Honour Young Officer Batch May 80) and was awarded a General Officer
Commanding’s Commendation for his field work in Northern Ireland (40
Commando Royal Marines).

At the height of the ground fighting in the 1982 Falklands islands
conflict, he was a rifle troop commander in charge of 32 men, and was
tasked with operating independently from his unit, 45 Commando Royal
Marines, in no man’s land. During this phase, whilst conducting a
fighting patrol to destroy some of the enemy’s fire support systems, he
ambushed what he thought was an enemy force killing four men. It
transpired that it was a friendly patrol from his own unit.

This single event, coupled with five tours in Northern Ireland, changed
his perception of himself and gradually life in general, and was the
beginning of a long slide towards ultimate despair, and eventually
contemplation of suicide. From 1982 until 1996 he managed to continue
functioning in various command capacities within the Royal Marines, but
at the same time was aware of a growing split between the rational
external face and the lurking internal horror that was slowly engulfing
his entire persona.

Eventually his marriage collapsed and the loss of his family, two
daughters, and all possessions, triggered off the reactions that are now
known to be classical symptoms of PTSD. In 1989 the term Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder was unknown to Andy and by 1996 he finally accepted
that he had to leave the Corps and country he loved in order to deal
with this overwhelming problem. He bought an old classic yacht and with
his new wife, Cheralie, sailed off into the North Atlantic to
re-discover himself.

In the late summer of 1997 they discovered the beautiful sub-tropical
Balearic island of Formentera and dropped anchor. It was here that Andy
began the process of self-healing.

On the 6th of September 2012, by invitation of the Commanding Officer,
who was an old friend, Andy gave a two hour presentation to 45 Commando
Royal Marines on his war and its effects. Not only did he manage this
with no emotional fall-out, but that night he found himself listening to
a number of serving officers who wanted to talk about their experiences
and resultant emotional problems. Andy realised that this was the end
of his 30-year battle with PTSD; and the beginning of a new career in
mentoring those who are suffering today. Thus The Mountain Way was born.


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Eustace Mullins
Eustace Mullins 1 month ago

A different take on the reason for the Falklands War!

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News Alert! We Interrupt This Election to Bring You This War With China
thedeadgene · 51 Views