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BREAKING- Never-Trumper Colin Powell DEAD!!!
19 Oct 2021
BREAKING- Never-Trumper Colin Powell DEAD!!!
Jess Sosnoski · 0 Views

BREAKING: Infowars Files Lawsuit Against The Feds For Blocking Journalists Exposing Border Crisis


⁣Infowars has filed a lawsuit in response to the Biden administration’s attempt to censor coverage of the 10,000-plus strong Haitian migrant army amassing under the Del Rio International Bridge by banning drones from flying over the area. Mark Randazza of joins. Read more here:

Martial Law 9-11: The Rise of the Police State: eBooks:

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BREAKING- Never-Trumper Colin Powell DEAD!!!
19 Oct 2021
BREAKING- Never-Trumper Colin Powell DEAD!!!
Jess Sosnoski · 0 Views