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Mrchocobean 18 Dec 2020
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Ex-AFL star Paul Dimattina in intensive care after reaction to Covid booster shot
28 Nov 2021
Ex-AFL star Paul Dimattina in intensive care after reaction to Covid booster shot
srmgin · 606 Views

BREAKING ! Intensive care nurse Tiffany Dover of CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga fainted within


⁣This is the scary moment a nurse who had just received the coronavirus vaccine at a Tennessee hospital told reporters she was feeling dizzy and then fainted.
Nurse manager Tiffany Dover received the Pfizer-BioNTech jab at CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga on Thursday and was giving a press briefing when she began to trail off, according to WTVC-9.
“All of my staff, you know, we are excited to get the vaccine. We are in the COVID unit, so therefore, you know, my team will be getting first chances to get the vaccine,” Dover said.

“And I know that it’s really … Sorry, I’m feeling really dizzy,” she continued.
One of the doctors behind her caught her as she passed out about 17 minutes after receiving the shot.

Een verpleegster uit Tennessee viel flauw 17 minuten na de injectie tegen 19-DIVOC voor de camera . De Intensive care-verpleegkundige Tiffany Dover van het CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga had een ontspannen gesprek met WRCBtv na haar inenting, toen ze zichtbare problemen begon te krijgen, haar handen achter haar hoofd vasthoudend en wankelend. Toen bood ze haar excuses aan bij het inlichtingen team, draaide zich om van de camera en viel flauw.

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Toni Chadwick
Toni Chadwick 11 months ago

⁣NOW DIED, It is alleged the Nurse that was seen being filmed live who fainted whilst giving an interview after receiving the Pfizer-Covid Vaccination died 8 to 10 hours after receiving the vaccination. The hospital where the vaccination was administered was CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga, Tennessee. The nurse was alleged to be aged 42 with two children. She was in good health, white Caucasian.

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Mrchocobean 11 months ago

⁣Update on the nurse:
The last update on the nurse .. Nurse died 10 hours after Pfizer vaccine, Rumours flying all over the Internet! Tiffany Dover is apparently dead. She is the nurse who collapsed on live television. This has not been confirmed, but the evidence is piling up...
🕵‍♂️ Current Intel from Covid Red Pills 🔍
- She is from Tennessee
- She collapsed 15+ minutes after taking the Pfizer quackccine on live television
- Her Instagram account is and she hasn't posted for 5 days, she generally posts every 2-3 days
- There are social media posts about her death from people who were allegedly connected to her or her family
- There are reports of death threats against her family for sharing the info
- There are reports of censorship
- The debunkers are saying it is all false but are providing very little evidence

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11 months ago

⁣mainstream media has let everyone down
make the switch and come over
for current up to date real news from a variety of locations round the globe all dealing with censorship from silcon valley the devils playground, and the planned scamdemic and roll out of a tyranical one world govt dictatorship at a biological level.

UK Column ( uk )

Gemma ODoherty ( irish)

The High Wire ( vaccines )
del always provides links to all his stuff he talks about on his website
same with The last American Vagabond has them on his webpage

SGT Report


Press for Truth ( canada )

The Last American Vagabond ( US )

Amazing Polly ( canada )

computing forever

Ice Age Farmer

Dr Vernon Coleman (uk )

The Corbett Report

The Solari Report

David Icke

Technocracy news

The Crowhouse ( Australia)

for some intelligent dialogue unsuitable for Youtube and mainstream media
AKA truth and facts discussed

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hiphopchrissie 11 months ago

⁣⁣TIME has run out, take action NOW. There are people (it could be mother, brother, police person, manager, charity worker, religious leader, judge, teacher or best friend) who fain discontent about the evil system "BUT" are quite happy benefitting from the system, and there are people who would get rid of the evil NOW!

We need to SEE the double agents, ( Not being able to see them, is how they have kept the world evil for thousands of years). If we do not SEE them, then we are STILL lost (at sea), PLEASE choose option 2 on newsflash 3 ( we only need 4 billion more ) in order to flush out the demons (People who do not care).

Demons will find it very hard to even say out loud option 2 ( justice and fairness ), even if they were to choose option 2,( because they are duplicitous ) they will be in a system that is based on justice and fairness as opposed to evilness and greed, we will see them and THEY will be the ODD ones.

Some demons do not even know they are evil. Can you take the test? ARE YOU ONE OF THEM? ⁣ Auntie Hiphopchrissie cartoon to counteract MSM cartoons. ⁣

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Mrchocobean 11 months ago


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fransetter 11 months ago

It seems I cannot share anything from BNT on facehook now, but sod them am sharing on other platforms!

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Mrchocobean 11 months ago this you can share

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Ex-AFL star Paul Dimattina in intensive care after reaction to Covid booster shot
28 Nov 2021
Ex-AFL star Paul Dimattina in intensive care after reaction to Covid booster shot
srmgin · 606 Views