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COVID 911 | the whole truth about the plandemic lie

782 Views - Published on 17 Mar, 2021
⁣This incredible video was created through Joe M and the Q Team, unveiling the Deepest, Darkest secrets around this Cabalistic Plandemic, designed to usher in a new era of ENSLAVEMENT! Because remember this, [Their] Plan was that the Masks would NEVER come off, unless you willingly accepted [Their] Protocols, which were intwined around the Great Reset...where you are taken care of by the Government, completely (for a while), while you hand over ALL personal assets and forms of ownership to the State, who in turn would hand it over to the Phoenicians, and then it would have been GAME OVER for us...
500,000,000 left, the rest exterminated...and those remaining alive would NOT have been worker slaves, NO, they would have been Children, to be Raised as a Pure Crop, to then be Harvested and Ingested...
This was the SICK and DEMENTED future these Demons had for us, and if it wasn't for the Q Operation, we would have fallen to utter ruinment of all...
So, sit back, BREATHE, and watch the Truth about Covid-19 and the PLAN to save Humanity from utter destruction...
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