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BitsandBobs 19 Jan 2021
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Marburg virus - vaccines - 5G  - agenda - kill shots
24 May 2022
Marburg virus - vaccines - 5G - agenda - kill shots
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California HALTS Vaccines! - Injuries SKYROCKET As Moderna SHRUGS


⁣Josh Sigurdson reports on the halting of covid Moderna vaccines in California after a batch showed countless injuries and proved to be potentially dangerous or hazardous to anyone who receives it.
As we hear stories of vaccine deaths around the world and governments and media try to shrug it off, Moderna is also shrugging off the high rate of injuries from their vaccine which of course no one can actually sue for due to their immunity. Moderna basically said they didn't know what's wrong with the vaccine but that they're sure it's just a fluke and there won't be further problem.
While California halts the batch of vaccines, around half of healthcare workers in California are also refusing to take the vaccine which could prove to be a good thing nationally considering California is the most likely state to take the vaccine voluntarily.

Credit to: ⁣World Alternative Media
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1 year ago

⁣Let this be our ' = 'Anthem'


Public Enemy

Public Enemy - Fight The Power

Public Enemy - Can't Truss It

Welcome To The Terrordome

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RAHmusic 1 year ago

⁣No Mask. Be Free. Go Outside ⁣

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andyjk 1 year ago

The Truth About Diseases and Viruses
By John
4th August 2020
‘Viruses’ and ‘diseases’ do NOT exist.

They were both created by the Rockefeller-controlled medical industry in league with ‘Big Pharma’ who use the so-called ‘germ theory’ in order to sell medication and vaccines to the people for monetary gain and population control.

If ‘germ theory’ was correct there would not be a single human alive anywhere in the world today. Germs, bacteria, fungi, pathogens, and even ‘viruses,’ which are in reality protein-based exosomes within everyone’s RNA, are everywhere. The bodies of all living creatures are made up of them.

So-called ‘diseases’ are just symptoms of underlying toxicity within the cells and so-called ‘viruses’ are manufactured within our own bodies as a protection method against external toxins of all kinds. When we are suffering from a dangerous level of toxicity of any kind, our bodies create a defense mechanism which we refer to as ‘flu’ or ‘cold’ or ‘pneumonia’ or any number of other named ‘viruses’ in order to expel these often deadly toxins.

Therefore viruses are not contagious. We do not ‘acquire’ them externally and nor do they get ‘passed on’ from person to person.

The only way you can ‘catch’ a virus is to be injected with one via a vaccine.

You have been warned!

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SidFinch 1 year ago

This is not a vaccine. This is technically genetic engineering. Call it what it is.

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Shadow 1 year ago

⁣Check this out some new updates on harms via vaccines.

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Marburg virus - vaccines - 5G  - agenda - kill shots
24 May 2022
Marburg virus - vaccines - 5G - agenda - kill shots
OH MY GOD · 447 Views