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Natural Love 08 Jan 2021
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The Public Fight Back "NO MORE MASKS"
26 Feb 2021
The Public Fight Back "NO MORE MASKS"
truthhunter1 · 471 Views

Clap for heroes is back!



I am sorry about the audio in this video x

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bunkerbill 2 months ago

Traitors not Hero's..

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MacGazz 2 months ago

I would clap if I actually saw any heroes. I just see perpetrators of the covid hoax who appear somewhat blasé about helping destroy our country and people

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2moonsinjune 2 months ago

yep bollocks to clap for carers and key workers, I'm a so called key worker, I've had enough of this crap, NHS nurses doctors lying about hospitals being full!!!! war zones!!! clap trap! thousands of people dying due to cancelled treatments to make way for the koroni whilst hospitals sit empty, wards shut etc etc, if any mass outburst it should be a massive boo, bang pots and pans anything that makes a racket, themes? well f off nhs, f off UK government, f off curfews ( lockdown) f off BBC, or something along those lines, and that i would blow my horn to📢

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Natural Love
Natural Love 2 months ago

Thank you for what you do ? this is definitely an empty gesture and just ridiculous now

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The Public Fight Back "NO MORE MASKS"
26 Feb 2021
The Public Fight Back "NO MORE MASKS"
truthhunter1 · 471 Views