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The Danger of Elitists and Muppets in a Transhuman World
21 Sep 2021
The Danger of Elitists and Muppets in a Transhuman World
WhotheFoxhat · 78 Views

Come and Talk to UFO Hunter Tyliar Cockier about UFOs - Live 3 -ST10 ship shadow and BlackKnight


⁣#Tyliar #secureteen #secureteam #comedy #entertainment #uaps #debunking
Tyliar steps in for Mr Grey to look over UFOs across the channels

[00:00] (1) Gen Chat after initial Intro
[02:27[ (2) Sub Intro for Tyliar
[04:10] (3) Tyler Glockner secureteam video put under the spot light
[08:52] (4) Red Flags common sense ones from what he just said.
[13:22] (5) Tyliar draws the orbit over planet
[30:00] (6) Website breaking down the blackknight conspiracy
[43:32] (7) Initial website and video images of STS-88 where the
blanket was lost and filmed from various cameras.
[01:02:30] (8) The footage from STS-88 showing when the
blanket drifted off while repairing a satellite
[01:16:35] (9) Real-Time Research using keywords in google to
see if can found out about dark streaks on Mar.
[01:25:10] (10) Phobos 2 1989 Russian Probe Last photo research
- the line aka cylinder craft we will prove is on all 37 negatives taken
by the probe and scanned and sent back to Earth.. Its a camera
artifact!. At first we spend ages hunting down archive original images
[02:02:49] (11) FINALLY! we found 37 original archive only in download ZIP format
I share the URL in side comments. it shows the line artifact in all IMAGES!
debunked the last image show something approaching and it was cropped
by everyone including the Russian Con Lady.
[02:16:04] (12) Night Vision of birds high up on green screen scope
0 apps used to back up claims not satellites or planes!
[02:19:37] (13) Tylers ST10 second video of a rectangle rock inside crater
[02:20:00] (14) NASA air brushing CLAIMS debunked.. clearly poor air brushing
if cover up.. thats a red flag of false story. the blocks are squares as
how satellites take photos and stitch together.
[02:29:19] (15) Tyler Glockner Confesses to Promoting CGI and Hoaxes for views
and cash. Although hes still not come clean about making many UFO hoaxes himself
like the Leaker interviews.. See Live Stream 218 on OT Chan to 55min mark
Paul shows 3 he found online Tyler faked.
Finally Wrap up time!

Thanks for watching, Liking, and commenting on video it really helps.. and join our serious UFO research group on Discord social text chat and optional voice group see join link in the about tab or banner bar and here as well, (
A new How-To Tutorial on Discord and Group layout
is coming.
cheers Paul.

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The Danger of Elitists and Muppets in a Transhuman World
21 Sep 2021
The Danger of Elitists and Muppets in a Transhuman World
WhotheFoxhat · 78 Views