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george thompson
george thompson 27 Nov 2020
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15 Jan 2021
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Covid 19 SCAM & 5G Information NOT mentioned by the Elite's Controlled Alternative Media- p


(((Info that the poplar alternative
media don't tell you about because their handler's don't want you to
know too much- That might cause you to think more into directions
they will have difficulty in controlling- My videos do provoke
thought-- These 12 parts thus far can educate the person of intellect far beyond any other so-called truther webpage- I post other places too-
Sub and share this info and there's
much more to add with other videos- This Scamdemic and 5G is deeper
than you perceive to realize- gwt
You may contact me at;, or text me your email and tell me
what you requect from my files- 541 295-0769----- I must say; I'm not
BS-n anybody- I got the 'studing & analyzing hours & Days &
Weeks, & the Months & Years of devotion to what I lay out on
you so use your head and listen to what I present to you- I am human,
and can make a mis-quote, mistake in numbers, dates and
pronounciations, but I'm a serious truther and a devoted researcher
so don't look down in any way on my intellect and acumulated
knowledge- LOL and my spelling is bad and my spell-check want's you
to notice---------- ))) 00145 11-27-2020

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kellyworldview 1 month ago

Mr. Thompson Where do you think we go to when we die (as an unchipped) human?

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george thompson
george thompson 2 months ago

Part 12

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PedroMartinDeClet 2 months ago

⁣⁣Another friendly reminder against the friends & associates of Jeffrey Epstein who have brought to our World the Pretend Pedophile Plannedemic.

*Remember, avoid @ all costs the zionist controlled media.

'Your Minds Freedom is a terrible thing to lose.'



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zealotnowchosen 2 months ago

⁣Big Pharma and Duke Universtiyu used me as a test subject, an experiment in a study of ADD. 1965-1966 For 11 years I was drugged and never knew it was going on. 1977 I found them and realized it was BS. In 1969, the same Group trying to kill Humanity NOW, hung my Father in my backyard in Charlotte N.C., he was a whistle blower against, Military In dustrial Complex, Boeing, FairChild Hiller, Duke University. Charlotte Police Department, CIA, FBI were associated to the crime as they covered it up. They forced the Number 3 man of the Boeing Computer Center to set my father up to be hung by a covert group of assassins, who killed 84 scientists and doctors ALL Whistle Blowers thru the 70s to NOW. Corruption has always been in our Government, ALWAYS have they killed Americans to STEAL, murder our children and Control. ALWAYS. GATES is a MURDRERER, he is repeating the SAME EVENT as in 1918. Uses radiation poisoning as the excuse to vaccinate. THE vaccination killed 56 Million PEOPLE not a VIRUS. God Bless this world, and WAKE UP

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15 Jan 2021
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