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18 Sep 2021
Fast and Quick Booty _ Thighs Workout at Home(480P)
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Covid-19, the vaccine and what you aren't being told


Australian specific data.Compiled on the 23 July 2021

⁣Website references:
Database of Adverse Event Notifications:

TGA Reporting Levels:

Covid-19 Booster shots Australia:

Monthly and Daily statistics for Covid-19 in Australia:

General data on Covid-19:

In Australia:
Covid co-mobility deaths: 915 Total to 23 Jul 2021
Percentage of Australians who were diagnosed with Covid-19: 0.13%⁣
⁣Covid-19 deaths percentage of population: 0.0036%
⁣Deaths from Covid vaccines as per TGA website: 106 from 22Feb2021 to 23Jul2021
⁣Adverse reactions to the vaccines as per TGA website: 11300 from 22Feb2021 to 23Jul2021

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RAHmusic 2 months ago

⁣No Mask. No Vax. Be Free. Go Outside ⁣

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mirunamihai 2 months ago


Grant Shapps: "We know that double vaccinated, fully vaccinated people are much more likely to get and also carry coronavirus".
Stunning admission that you are better off unvaqsinated and that vaqs are totally useless.
I thought vaqs were supposed to lessen the symptoms, not to make people sick (if you are unvaqsinated you are less likely to get this illness, that's what Shapps was saying; you are better off unvaqsinated). Instead of lessening the symptoms, with the vaqs you get the disease more often (which translates to getting the symptoms too, in some cases). So, from zero symptoms (because you are healthy + unvaqs) after the vaqs you are more likely to get the disease (therefore in many cases you will get the symptoms too).

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Razor 2 months ago

Hydroxy, is an anti-parisitic med, viruses do not exist ABSOLUTE FACT, there is not a single study that exists that proves the existance of 1: A properly isolated entity from a sick person, 2: a re-isolated entity from this sick person then introduced into a healthy person that then induces the same disease,3: then this sick person surrounded by healthy people to prove transmission. Has been tried many times never been successful. Whatever it is that gives flu like symptoms has NOTHING TO DO WITH VIRUSES PERIOD.
Have a read of the study that was done over 100 years ago to try and prove transmission that failed miserably usig people that had symptoms of Influenza here:

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Jomico 2 months ago

Prefer facts like this instead of the scientific data born from non scientific news anchors or govermental representatives who are unable to see the the difference between real data...and progandered bullshite.

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Mossie69 2 months ago

Good presentation. Only one thing occurs to me (and I'm assuming covid does exist here and am approaching this from a devils advocate position), I get the impression that Australia has been heavily locked down so is it possible that only a tiny percentage of Australians have been exposed to the virus. (there may well be data on this, perhaps antibody tests of random population) Assuming that to be the case then the medical authorities will say we're doing the vaccinations now to prevent FUTURE deaths when Australia opens up and the virus starts spreading? I would suspect in the UK that maybe 70% of the population have been exposed to the virus, so it's a different calculation.
Whatever the case may be, I still think the lockdowns and vaccines will kill way more than the virus ever will and the whole thing stinks of a manipulated situation. I'm just thinking of how the msm and politicians will spin it to the general public.

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Fast and Quick Booty _ Thighs Workout at Home(480P)
18 Sep 2021
Fast and Quick Booty _ Thighs Workout at Home(480P)
HimanshuVerma · 1 Views