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Kristall 02 Dec 2021
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Fauci patented HIV glycoprotein that is mass produced in Covid Vax- Attacks cd4 cells causes Auto Im
17 Jan 2022
Fauci patented HIV glycoprotein that is mass produced in Covid Vax- Attacks cd4 cells causes Auto Im
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Covid Revealed | Exposing The Fraud Ep 2 of 9


⁣⁣⁣Covid Revealed Playlist: ⁣
Here… we… go, Kristall.
We’re LIVE.

Buckle your seat belts and prepare yourself for the truth that ‘s not being revealed anywhere else.
The top whistleblowers, experts, scientists and researchers tell all, in 9 info-packed episodes. Are you ready?
I hope so, because kicking off with Episode 1 isn’t going to be a slow start…

Every interview contains SO MUCH vital information, and it can’t be found anywhere else.
The experts featured in this investigative series

Are risking everything in order to get this message out to you.

They are actively being censored, many of them have actually received death threats, and it may just get worse.

We were also able to get a handful of patient testimonies sharing their firsthand experiences with taking the jabs and the effects it's had on them.
Many of the side-effects they suffered are nothing short of disturbing.
You don’t want to miss a moment of any of this…
First up…
Meet the brilliant Dr. Peter McCullough.
He’s one of the highest-ranked physicians and researchers in the world, and has been on the front row for decisions made between Big Pharma and governments worldwide.
If only the government had listened to his recommendation on Hydroxychloroquine.

He exclaimed in this interview: “We’ve been using it for 65 years. It wasn’t toxic last year!”
See what else he’s been trying to tell the government by clicking below to watch his full interview.
Next up…
This filmmaker and TV producer has received relentless backlash from mainstream media.
Interestingly enough, it all started when his curiosity turned into a kind of “detective mode” after his hit TV show producers refused to expose big pharma when they came across some shocking proof on the dangers of v@cc!nes:

… And that no network would cover the story?

He has a passion to expose big pharma and big media, and it came when he realized ALL of television is being controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.

And, rounding out this first episode with a bang is
Dr. Robert Malone.

This highly acclaimed, professionally respected researcher has been awarded 9 patents for mRNA and DNA research.
He knows viruses better than nearly anyone in the world, having made huge contributions to treatments for viruses like HIV, Ebola and other SARS viruses.
Dr. Malone is truly someone special.

Oh, I almost forgot…
We have the first real story from a patient who is an essential worker (A Homecare Speech Pathologist) that shares her first reactions to the jab… Meet Erin Rhodes.

She is very trusting of doctors and healthcare in general so she never questioned any of this.
She states: “I had such blind faith that I was excited to be one of the first…”
Remember, this is the first of 9 episodes to be aired.
Each episode is LIVE to watch for free for the next 24 hours. Episode 1 is LIVE until tomorrow at 9:00 PM EST/6:00 PM PST.

Once the clock runs out, we replace it with a fresh episode full of new interviews, discussing new issues, and sharing more shocking truths.

I’m excited and relieved you’re here with us!

With Purpose,

Dr. Patrick Gentempo (Dec 1, 2021 3:12 AM)

P.S. BIG BONUS INTERVIEW: If you don’t know Megan Redshaw, you’re in for a surprise!
She’s a lawyer with a J.D., and a Doctor of Naturopathics, and Megan’s own life was affected by a bad vaccine reaction. As a talented researcher, she became relentless in her reporting. What she found was devastating…

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Fauci patented HIV glycoprotein that is mass produced in Covid Vax- Attacks cd4 cells causes Auto Im
17 Jan 2022
Fauci patented HIV glycoprotein that is mass produced in Covid Vax- Attacks cd4 cells causes Auto Im
Richey32 · 1 Views