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Covid vaccine is a KILLER (A MUST WATCH)
20 Jun 2021
Covid vaccine is a KILLER (A MUST WATCH)
The David Vance Channel - · 1886 Views

Criminals are Hiding Covid-19 Treatments, Says Ted Nugent


⁣Ted Nugent of joins The Alex Jones Show to expose the crimes of covering up and censoring viable Covid-19 treatments after fully recovering from battling the virus himself.
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PedroMartinDeClet 1 month ago


⁣The Vatican, The British Royals, and the Global Pedophile Ring Unleash the Coronavirus

⁣Pedophiles Rule the World

⁣Pedophilia a Requirement for UK Ruling Elite

⁣60 Minutes on the Worldwide Pedophile Network

nicole kidmans father = ⁣The Sad Truth About Nicole Kidman's Father

⁣Nicole Kidman’s Father: Satanist, Silenced by His Own Ninth Circle Satanic Cult

⁣Nicole Kidman’s Father Suddenly Dies While Fleeing PEDOPHILE, CHILD SACRIFICE CULT Charges

⁣EXCLUSIVE: Police scrapped paedophile investigation into Cyril Smith & others

⁣a brief history of elite pedophilia

⁣When British Royals Are Pedophiles, It’s Called Peccadilloes

⁣SHADOWLAND’s Occult Pedophile Elite Are TERRIFIED That Ghislaine Maxwell’s Arrest Will Unearth Secrets They Hoped They Had Sent With Epstein To His Grave

⁣List of acknowledged pedophilia elites

⁣Paedophile ring busted in UK

⁣List of Famous Satanists, Pedophiles and Mind Controllers

⁣The Nazi Pedophile Apocalypse Cult

⁣Here's How Child Abuse Scandal & Grooming Allegations Against French Writer Were Ignored For Decades

⁣Anneke Lucas: I Was a Sex Slave to Europe's Elite at Age 6 (SEQUEL-PART 1) (Human Trafficking)

⁣Teresa's escape from brutal 'satanic cult' and bizarre rituals (1989) | 60 Minutes Australia

⁣Model Who Exposed Elite Pedophile Ring Found Dead After Tweet Predicting She’d Be Killed

⁣People Who Kept Jeffrey Epstein's Pedophilia Secret (Vanity Fair)

⁣Ex-British Prime Minister Named in Pedophilia Investigation

⁣England: Land of Royals, Tea and Horrific Pedophilia Coverups

In the United States the ⁣pornographer hugh hefner (Bill Cosbys best friend), ran a Jeffrey Epsteinlike blackmail operation, out of the playboy mansion & when he died tunnels were found leading from the grotto underneath the mansion to Jack Nicholsons, Warren Beatys & Michael Douglas's mansions.

& what a coincidence that Herman Cain, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby & others were all accused by the same women ?

All controlled within the illuminati beast system & when you fall out of favor with them, they unleash the women or men with rap allegations against you, or you end up hanging from a red belt, scarf or rope & how can anyone hang themselves from a doorknob ?

& how is it that everyone in hollywood, sports& entertainment is raising their children as the opposite gender of which they were born ?


All members of the Jeffrey Epstein 'we are all in this together' pedophile planned-demic worldstage performer

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Sharkymoon 1 month ago

Covid 19! Explain how we know we have it again?! I thought it was invisible! Can someone give me a sample🤥🤥🤥🤥

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CliveScott 1 month ago

Sorry Ted but you just had Flu. No virus has ever been isolated, therefore it does not exist, therefore any claim that it came from China is pure speculation.

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Freeamericanman 1 month ago

Ted Nugent is a great American Man

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DavidM4 1 month ago

He's also very eccentric and odd. But he stands for free speech

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Covid vaccine is a KILLER (A MUST WATCH)
20 Jun 2021
Covid vaccine is a KILLER (A MUST WATCH)
The David Vance Channel - · 1886 Views