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lyde 12 Jan 2021
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27 Jan 2021
FAKE Virus, FAKE Pandemic & Now The FAKE Vaccine
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Cathy O'Brien MKULTRA Survivor
In this exhilarating and highly informative part 2 interview with MKULTRA Survivor Cathy O'Brien, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep into her CIA MKULTRA mind control programming and the methods employed to keep her in a robotic state in order to carry out top secret black budget missions and sexual favors to politicians against her will.

Project Monarch
Cathy outlines some of her fascinating and disturbing experiences in the Project Monarch program and reveals how it targets young people through the music industry by creating zombified recording acts and electronic forms of brain entrainment via suggestion and hidden overtone harmonics that effect the brains neural pathways.

CIA Mormons and the Osmonds
She describes how Senator George Romney, the father of Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, was involved and how the Monarch programming was deployed to help the Mormon Church gain acceptance in the 1970's through the music phenomena of the Osmonds and how other musical groups like the Jacksons were deeply involved as puppets of the program.

She also reveals how high level figures like Senator Robert Byrd, who was Cathy's owner in the program and a strong mentor to Bill and Hillary Clinton, got her involved in drug running operations out of Mena Arkansas as a Sex Slave and Robotic Courier of implanted messages and sexual favors to the Criminal Political Figures involved.

Personal Battles
On a deeply personal note, she describes the bitter battle with the Justice Department to free her daughter from corrupt social services and how she feels now about her depraved father who sold her into the horrid MKULTRA mind control effort at an early age. Cathy's father is still alive today and protected from prosecution due to reasons of 'National Security."

Fascinating, disturbing, revealing and controversial, you don't want to miss this exciting Dark Journalist episode with courageous Whistleblower Cathy O'Brien!

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mrevansisnumber1 4 days ago

Pure Evil Has Been Released Out In The Open Again . . . ;-(

The Evil Which Bad Men And Women Do . . . ;-0

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Superbuggg 15 days ago

Trance-Formation of America! According to Ms Caty O'Brien's totally believable testimony, the likes of Chris Christopherson, Bob Hope, Clinton, Bush and many famous others are all serious dirtbags who, under MKULTRA auspices have harmed and killed in unthinkable ways!

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FAKE Virus, FAKE Pandemic & Now The FAKE Vaccine
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FAKE Virus, FAKE Pandemic & Now The FAKE Vaccine
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