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TheTruthHunter 04 May 2021
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The David Knight Show - 5/12/21*
12 May 2021
The David Knight Show - 5/12/21*
thedeadgene · 18 Views

David Icke On The London Protests, Boris, Hancock, Whitty & Vallance


Full video - ⁣

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Face masks are neither effective or safe (article) -

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The Real Controllers of Humanity: The Papal Bloodlines -

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zzzz2020 6 days ago

It was fake blood on the police supposedly hit by missiles ( plastic water bottles ), any fool can see that, and notice there was 1000s of pics and videos but in the bbc photos none show police with fake blood on them alongside the peaceful protesters ?????????????

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Vixen88 7 days ago

Sounds to me that the whole incident was set up to discredit the whole protest movement. The people who lashed out at the police could have been planted.

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26LUV27QZ 7 days ago

I sense this will end in a bloody revolution. There evil parasites need to be exterminated from the human race.

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Dubsential 8 days ago

Its all very well people knowing whats going on but it isnt going too stop it from happening... The way they are mocking people with endless stupid regulations is abhorrent.. If nothing else we are proving we wont do anything about it as they pick off the most brainwashed what do you reckon they have install for us, a good talking too that we shall have the jab lol

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MrsSpillane 8 days ago

The police arrived like pigeons from hell, waving their batons. It was shocking. The police have become horrifyingly violent and evil. Evil comes down from the so-called 'UK' Government, the WEF, the WHO, the UN, etc. We pay the police. They are now mindless drones of the State.

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The David Knight Show - 5/12/21*
12 May 2021
The David Knight Show - 5/12/21*
thedeadgene · 18 Views