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Jeffrey Keith
Jeffrey Keith 22 Jan 2022
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EP165: Back to talk about all the stuff
26 May 2022
EP165: Back to talk about all the stuff
Asher Cowan · 46 Views

Digital Dollar Is More Power & Control, China Brings Back Anal Testing & Vitamin D Is Key To


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Sources used in video:

Here comes the central bank digital dollar -

Pelosi sends out N95 masks to congress -

China brings back anal testing in time for Olympics -

China shuts down more ports, supply chain in trouble -

NCBI covid study shows Dr Zelenko was right -

Recap that the vaxx is still not licensed or approved -

Who would of thought Fauci is an incompetent narcissist -

More proof it's all about control, not health or science -

Better get that 3rd booster shot -

Serbia gives Australia the shaft -

Better switch to gold and silver, market crash coming -

This dumbass says schools open due to Potatohead -

Mayorkas says don't deport illegals, it will backfire -

Soros backed ERIC removes zero voters from rolls -

Wisconsin voter rolls shows fraud -

Why crime goes unpunished in big cities, Soros backed prosecutors -

Newsome doesn't want to offend gangs -

Democrats in Commiefornia pushing bill 12 year olds can get vaxxed without parents knowing -

Steve Inman -

Song - Acoustic cover, 'Talking 'bout a revolution, from James -

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EP165: Back to talk about all the stuff
26 May 2022
EP165: Back to talk about all the stuff
Asher Cowan · 46 Views