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UK Doctor Says Vaxx Will Be Stopped, Lefties Want You Punished Chinese Style & Stock Up On Food
18 Jan 2022
UK Doctor Says Vaxx Will Be Stopped, Lefties Want You Punished Chinese Style & Stock Up On Food
Jeffrey Keith · 2 Views

Doctor Exposes What The Covid JAB Does To Your Vital Organs


⁣Doctor Exposes What The Covid JAB Does To Your Vital Organs

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Human2 5 months ago

⁣Please note that the EUA Pfizer shot has NOT been approved by the FDA,it has only had it's Emergency Authorization Use extended. This is a lie and a trick. The new FDA approved vax is called "Comirnaty", which does not currently exist and will likely never be manufactured because it was approved on the condition of Pfizer accepting FULL LIABLILTY for medical injury. If it is ever manufactured and offered under that name, it will likely be for cancer treatment. They are saying that BioNTech is the same formula, so therefore BioNTech is also somehow fully FDA approved by proxy. This is absolutely not true. While they may be the same thing, these two vaxes are distinctly different legally. They are separate products. BioNTeck was granted an extended EUA and that is all that it got. The key distinction is that Pfizer is NOT liable for injury when you take EUA BioNTech, which is hugely significant. It is important to note that the FDA has not licensed Moderna, J&J, nor AZ and no one can legally mandate any of these either. When employers try to mandate the now fully "FDA approved" Pfizer vax, if it doesn't clearly say "Comirnaty" on the vial, it is NOT a fully FDA approved product and Pfizer will continue to enjoy full immunity from medical injury. and litigation. Although the media and politicians are saying it is the same, it is absolutely not the same for this very important reason. See how it works?... it's a trick, a strategy to cuck people and so many will fall for it. The media is misrepresenting the truth, as usual. Many layers of deliberate subterfuge and legal wrangling here, making the truth difficult to explain to the general populace. This is by design. The only thing employers could potentially mandate is a Pfizer "Comirnaty" vax, which will NEVER happen. They will never be able acquire this approved vax to administer for the reasons cited above. LOL. Hope this helps someone. Please share.

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bntview 5 months ago

Millions of people are already injured because of these jabs.

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Qima 5 months ago

Science goes out the window when the intent is genocide. It doesn't matter how many times the good doctors show us the science, the perpetrators don't care and the zombies are too far gone.

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AnnBee4 5 months ago

I hope all these doctors, hospitals and medical facilities who have promoted and injected people with the Experimental Gene Therapy bio-weapon will be arrested, tried and sentenced for Crimes against Humanity.

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5 months ago

@AnnBee4 history will see them as heros,,saved the planet from the evil carbon foot print,by killing 55billion people

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pedronumerouno 5 months ago

To detect gifted children. From dec 2020.
Does it not make you query why they need to detect gifted children today.
Thats because they wont vaccinate gifted children.
You think im joking. No im not. This is the level of these phsyco cunts.
They want to keep gifted children alive and as breeders.
Now do you see that this whole covid- 19 and climate crisis is just a scam.
They intend to eradicate the average amongst us, but keep the clever ones.
This is showing you there intent to eradicate us, normal average every day people. But keep the smart ones for breeding. For their idea of utopia. Thats a world without us normals. You do the maths.
They already genocided the elderly in care homes as they come under
The title of useless eaters. There words from 1939.

This is the conference the above came from.

Theres also a paper on graphene antenna and 5G. Which what they have injected into people.

In this paper, an improved Wave Concept Iterative Process method is used to simulate a graphene patch array antenna for future 5G millimeter-wave communication applications. The antenna array consists of twelve antenna elements which are fed by a 3-to-4 power divider and has a high gain of 14.47 dBi at 60.07 GHz with an excellent return loss. The proposed formulation has shown great efficiency and precision, and it has a shorter computation time than the CST and HFSS simulators.

Dual-Wideband Dual-Polarized Metasurface Antenna Array for the 5G Millimeter Wave Communications Based on Characteristic Mode Theory

Published in: 2020 13th UK-Europe-China Workshop on Millimetre-Waves and Terahertz Technologies (UCMMT)

Broadband Dual-Polarized Millimeter Wave Antenna Array Using Overlapped Apertures.

A Millimeter-wave Ultra-Wideband Non-Uniform Distributed Power Amplifier with Improved Efficiency

Conventional millimeter-wave ultra-wideband distributed power amplifiers (DPAs) are usually difficult to achieve high efficiency in the whole band. In this paper, a 9-40GHz non-uniform distributed power amplifiers (NDPA) with improved power added efficiency (PAE) is presented. In order to improve the efficiency, an inductance (L) is paralleled at the drain of transistor, which can form a parallel resonant circuit with drain-source capacitance (Cds). And by adjusting this L-Cds resonant frequency, the cut-off frequency of the drain-line can be optimized, which in turn can reduce the loss of drain line and improve the PAE of NDPA. By using method, the PAE of NDPA at millimeter wave band can be improved and a 1W Microwave monolithic integrated circuit (MMIC) with 11-19% PAE over 9-40GHz is realized based on 0.1μm AlGaN/GaN DHFET on Silicon (Si) technology.

This is the frequencies they use in ultra wide band, which is in the government documents, which they say is for sensing the depth and strength of building structures..
its not, using ultra wide band they can see right into your home.
Its also the frequency they use to cook. Your blood. You have all seen the radio frequency targeted weapon which they use for crowd dispersal.
This is part of that array of weapons. They say in gov docs its for testing to see the depth and strength of building materials used in a building. Its not. Thats just the cover story.

A Millimeter-wave Communication System Over A Cable.

In this paper, a cable-based millimeter-wave communication system is proposed to overcome the large propagation loss on 60 GHz. The millimeter-wave surface-wave is excited by the coaxial cable, and propagates over the power lines in low-loss. A dielectric convertor is proposed to convert the TEM mode in coaxial cable into surface-wave mode in cable line. The surface-wave mode of Goubau line in dielectric cladding is studied, and the type of transmission loss of surface wave is analyzed. Finally, a millimeter wave surface-wave power line transmission system is realized with low loss less than 1.5 dB per 100 mm in 60 GHz. It preliminarily verifies the potential of using a cable to transmit millimeter wave in low-loss.

Millimeter wave antenna based on substrate integrated waveguide technology for 60-GHz communication system.

A millimeter wave antenna is presented for 60 GHz communication using substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) technology along with dialectic resonators (DR). A very thin substrate of RT duroid 5880 having permittivity ε r = 2.23, loss tangent tan δ = 0.003 is used. Same material used for the DR having thickness 0.79 mm. H-shape slot in engraved at the top ground plane that acts as a source-radiating aperture. Two pieces of DR are placed on the top metal layer of the substrate to achieve wider bandwidth. The antenna structure is modeled using CST Microwave Studio. The simulated impedance bandwidth of the antenna is 10.33 % having a gain up to 5.5 dBi. The radiation efficiency of the antenna is found to be 81 %. The results are verified by using another simulation software HFSS and found to be in good agreement.

A high-gain and broadband dielectric resonator antenna array with substrate-integrated-waveguide feed network for 67GHz.

We have proposed and investigated a high-gain and broadband dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) array with simplified substrate-integrated-waveguide (SIW) feed network for 67GHz band in this paper. A double-layered SIW feeding network with wideband H-junction and wideband high-gain slot dielectric resonator antenna array is employed to achieve high gain and wideband performance simultaneously. The simulated impedance bandwidth of 15% and a gain up to 13.9 dB have been offered. Together with the advantages of low-profile and low fabrication costs, the proposed antenna array could serve as a promising candidate for millimeter-wave wireless communication systems.

Now, if you add together the two proposed 5G frequencies, they add up to 67 ghz.

Some of these bits of tech are from the uk- Europe- Chinese workshop on millimeter wave and terahertz tech.. ( ucmmt) in 2020.
so don’t tell me that the yanks, the brits the European EU governments are not working together on tech.
So i think all this shite about our navy ships being sent to china, to bring them under control is a load of shite. There is another reason. Some thing far more sinister than we are aware of.

Published in: 2020 13th UK-Europe-China Workshop on Millimetre-Waves and Terahertz Technologies (UCMMT)

Multi-band miniaturized slot antenna with multi-band impedance matching circuit.

This manuscript describes the design and implementation of miniaturized slot antenna with two-stage impedance matching circuit for 800MHz and 2GHz up and down link multiband application. The impedance matching circuit is based on the 2-stage band-pass filter (BPF). We fabricated this multi-band slot antenna on FR4 substrate and measured the radiation patterns and frequency characteristics. Also, the proposed multiband antenna was implemented on the main circuit board and tested the frequency properties.

More Like This
Performance Improvement of Slot Antenna Using Various Parameters and Band Pass Filter
2018 International Conference on Circuits and Systems in Digital Enterprise Technology (ICCSDET)
Published: 2018
Design and development of Patch Antenna Array with Band-pass Filter for ISM Band Applications
2019 3rd International conference on Electronics, Communication and Aerospace Technology (ICECA)
Published: 2019.

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Multi-band miniaturized slot antenna with multi-band impedance matching circuit
Proceedings of 2014 3rd Asia-Pacific Conference on Antennas and Propagation
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Circularly Polarized Slot Microstrip Antenna for Harmonic Suppression
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Design of a narrowband 2.45 GHz unidirectional microstrip antenna with a reversed ‘Arrow’ shaped slot for fixed RFID tag and reader
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Published: 2001
Pattern and frequency reconfigurable annular slot antenna using PIN diodes
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Compact Tapered-Shape Slot Antenna for UWB Applications
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2007 SBMO/IEEE MTT-S International Microwave and Optoelectronics Conference
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8.S. C. Tang, X. Y. Wang, Q. Y. Lu and J. X. Chen, "Fully substrate-integrated dense dielectric patch antenna and array", IET Microw. Antennas Propag., vol. 13, no. 10, pp. 1726-1731, Aug. 2019.
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11.Y. J. Li and K.-M Luk, "Low-cost aperture coupled 60-GHz dense dielectric patch antenna with annular reflectors", Proc. IEEE Int. Workshop on Electromagnetic, pp. 115-119, Aug. 2013.

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UK Doctor Says Vaxx Will Be Stopped, Lefties Want You Punished Chinese Style & Stock Up On Food
18 Jan 2022
UK Doctor Says Vaxx Will Be Stopped, Lefties Want You Punished Chinese Style & Stock Up On Food
Jeffrey Keith · 2 Views