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Repent_or_Die 16 Sep 2021
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Canadian Doctors persecuted for revealing that The coronavirus Vaccines aren't safe
16 Oct 2021
Canadian Doctors persecuted for revealing that The coronavirus Vaccines aren't safe
srmgin · 67 Views

Doctors THREATENED, Forced to Support “Vaccine” Narrative


⁣⁣⁣These are the Last Days!!!! REPENT! There is no more time to play around with God! Get your Houses in Order!!!
REPENT from living in Fear, selfisshness and willful sin! Be Baptized! and Receive the gift of the Holy Spirit! We all have sinned and need to be born again! Yahushua Jesus Christ of Nazareth died for our sins and reconciled us to the father of the universe! if we have faith in him alone and believe, we will be Saved, yet true belief will show in your actions... so if we live to spread the good news of salvation and truth and take up our cross and die to ourselves Daily and Live free from willful sin for Yahushua Hamashiach Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Then we are true Believers! Let's go out Heal the sick! Cast out Demons and Baptize In the Name of Yahushua Hamashiach Jesus Christ of Nazareth!!!!! HalleluYAH!!!

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Freethinker35 28 days ago

⁣⁣Alert!! Mainstream media is lying and causing mass murder and getting away with it because most people are way too spoiled and brainwashed and you're being manipulated and distracted from the real threat.. All I will say is in case you are not paying attention I recommend you may want to start detoxing all heavy metals and magnetic substances. This is just my opinion! 5G is the true danger people wake up. Why else put these superconductor graphene oxide particles inside vaccines, food, water, and even the air (Chemtrails)? These all amplify the radiation effects from 5G. But not just 5G all cellphones are radiating us. 5G is just the deadliest yet and we've been distracted away from 5G. So any metals inside us is causing covid symptoms and slowly killing people along with these murderous protocols at the hospital. I'm sharing this because I found an effective element to detox the heavy metals and any toxins. Its called zeolite and what makes it so interesting is that it has a natural negative charge and a porous(cage-like) structure. So it also works like a magnetic sponge to all toxins(which are mostly positive charged) elements. Zeolites also are alkaline and help regulate the body's PH level as well. Another fascinating feature is that it is commonly used to detox radiation toxicity from nuclear disaster radiation fallout. That seems pretty cool. So I hope this helps someone in case you haven't looked at this angle. To learn more about 5G and covid connection watch this ⁣
Or if you rather go directly to a trusted zeolite supplier before they run out then this is what I use
Protect yourself and your family because we will need as many healthy people as possible soon.

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RAHmusic 29 days ago

⁣No Mask. No Vax. Be Free. Go Outside ⁣

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StTrinianz 29 days ago

Doctors refusing to treat the unvexxed, coercing people to get fake tested & injected with this BIOWEAPON should have their licenses revoked and be sued for malpractice as IOTRAGENIC DEATHS escalate to the number one cause of mortality in the WORLD! I hope and pray that our true doctors stand tall and courageous in the face of these NWO nazi death doctors who have turned a trip to the hospital into a Steven King novel 😡

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553345 29 days ago

Why don't someone in authority
just stand up and say what
the fuck is going on why are all these people dieing
because there all in on it.
i can't wait for winter when all the hospitals are full and all the nurses have jacked there jobs in
we will be knee deep in body's probably in the streets and there homes .

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Davidfrank 29 days ago

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Canadian Doctors persecuted for revealing that The coronavirus Vaccines aren't safe
16 Oct 2021
Canadian Doctors persecuted for revealing that The coronavirus Vaccines aren't safe
srmgin · 67 Views