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TheTruthHunter 04 May 2021
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Australian MP addresses vaccine bill and claims unaware of elite pedophile suppression order
16 May 2021
Australian MP addresses vaccine bill and claims unaware of elite pedophile suppression order
coterienetwork · 2 Views

Dr Carrie Madej - Do Not Take The Vaccine - There Is NO Pandemic


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11 days ago

No disrespect intended here but could you please stop calling it a vaccine. It is not a vaccine, it is an experimental mrna nanotechnology injection. The vast majority of people who have been jabbed have no idea of this fact, which is exactly what the government wanted.

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ODstane 12 days ago

⁣Clever chemicals?
Have you ever had someone build a wall for you and when you return home the wall has been built far taller than you wanted and when you challenged the builder, the builder states that he left his not too bright worker to build the wall and he hadn’t followed the plan but carried on building.
People have become obese through excess consumption, but are they aware of the reason?
Whenever there is a bodily action the brain ensures it is constructive and ends when the outcome is achieved. When you are hungry, you feed yourself and a time will be reached when you feel fulfilled.
Your stomach sends a signal to indicate this and you stop eating.
Ah, but what happens if you can stop this signal with a chemical such as monosodium glutamate, maybe, and as a result keeps you feeling hungry irrespective of how much you eat?
Could this practice apply to all these chemical, medicinal, intrusions.
Are these medicines preventing the brain from receiving fulfilment signals?
Your wall is the tumour, that carries on growing to cause problems.
Is this why we now have so many cancerous outcomes that have increased dramatically in the last fifty years but surprisingly, with advancing medicinal research, has not stumped this increase?

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glorz 12 days ago

Hi Dr Madej, do you think that Ivermectin or any other remedy could help to avoid being affected by those who are vaxed from shedding their symptoms to those of us who are not wanting to be vaxed?

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Propan 12 days ago

she is beautiful

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JOHN663 12 days ago


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SeanMathair 12 days ago

Hi John, I live in Ireland. Our governers are completely bought and sold and are in the process is to enforce covi passports. Many of the awake people think that trump is coming on his white horse to save the day? I do not.

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drbadass 12 days ago

@SeanMathair: Them who think Trump is coming are not awake a lot fell into the Q psy op and still believe he is president or coming back. They are brain washed not awake (some used to talk sense but fell i to the trap, all done before in 1920 operation trust was the name then)

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Australian MP addresses vaccine bill and claims unaware of elite pedophile suppression order
16 May 2021
Australian MP addresses vaccine bill and claims unaware of elite pedophile suppression order
coterienetwork · 2 Views