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BitsandBobs 03 Feb 2021
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Biden Embarrasses Himself on World Stage As Ukraine Crisis Escalates - FULL SHOW 1/25/22
26 Jan 2022
Biden Embarrasses Himself on World Stage As Ukraine Crisis Escalates - FULL SHOW 1/25/22
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⁣This interview is was conducted as apart of a full length documentary, Planet Lockdown, and is being released in advance of the film for those that wish to learn more about the world and where we are.
The full film, when released, will be available at

Credit to: Planet Lockdown

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McBryde 12 months ago

I have made notes:
⁣Dr Carrie Madej. Internal medicine physician, 2001 Kansas City College of Osteopathic Medicine. Practiced in Georgia 19yrs as private clinician, medical director and attending physician for a medical school. Studies vaccines, and done a lot of research on the new vaccine.

• truly experimental and unprecedented. Two new technologies in this.
• if you accept to be vaccinated by it, you accept to be one of the research participants.
• we don’t have long term data to tell you what will happen to you.
• Moderna never made vax for humans. Only developed for one year.
• skipped many safety trials.
• Their two endpoints: no positive test outcome for 2 months; prevents one of the symptons.
• They don’t look at prevention from death, having to go to hospital, being contagious.
• partial immunity at best.
• They say you might get just 2 mths of immunity after 2nd dose.
• Bells Paulsey [partial paralysis of the face.
• Whole body paralysis – yrmporary or permanent.
• Anaphalactic reaction from allergy to polyetherineglycole small to huge reactiojn. Sometimes needing resusitation back to life. Within minutes.
• Intermediate reactions. No data yet on humans. Ferrets [like humans] body attacked itself when exposed to the native virus. Vax made them worse, not better.
• Humans could have a bad response next yr when they get a cold, flu or Covid.
Long term – probably increased risk of cancer, arthritis, mutant genes, infertility [this is already known].
• coding for spike protein – has the same protein as is inside a placenta. The body learns to attack that. Therefore pregnancy attacked.
• Spike protein also has something similar to our chromasome 8 – intelligence and fertility.
Therefore this vaccine should not be launched without further research.

• In the US the older people are having the worst reactions. Many not being given the followup dose. But it’s the old who are being given it first.
• Not all side effects can be seen for a long time.

Under the Emergency Act there is little transparency.
• Drs make an oath that the benefits outweigh the risks – that they will do no hard.
They should not encourage people to be part of an experiment.
>Nurenbüg Code not being followed – forced vaccination [punishing people in any way for not getting it].

1) nRNA modified messenger RNA.
• putting a synthetic code into the body, and getting gthe body to make a protein from that code.
• supposed to be temporary. Body making part of the virus.
• Some bodies will make none, some a little, and some a lot.
• But synthetic code [programme] not perfect – can go wrong – mutate (improper sequence, switching, not able to stop producing, development of cancer cell, etc).
• They can’t say for sure that it is temporary.
• The body can take the RNA into the cell nucleus permanently (by a process called reverse transcripted enzyme)
• By the US Supreme Court ruling, and synthetic gene [or part] in a human, it can patented [owned by someone]
. opens the possibility that a human can be owned.
. nanolypic particle envelopes the code to trick the body into keeping it in the body longer.
• new technology – not fully understood.
• example: polyethyleneglycol [used as drug delivery system]
• it’s causing allergic reactions.
• This particles have other uses: bio sensor. [Can accumulate data – emotions, medical conditions, etc]
• data sent to data collection centres.
• Microsoft is trying to get a patent [2020060606]. Injected into body, and acts as wifi hookup to smart phone and 5G cloud, then to supercomputer and formulates a certain cryptocurrency that is awarded to each person..
• the vaccine could be a way of getting these biosensors into us.
• Currently being trialled in Africa with Mastercard and Microsoft.

ID2020 – everyone with their own ID hooked up to cryptocurrency.

Surveillance and control, effecting our freedom – control of sovereignty enslavement.

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HKJoyce 12 months ago

beautifully spoken truth thank you God Bless you 🙏🏻🕊

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elcign 12 months ago

Beware her New Age ideals.

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Drifter123 12 months ago


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Zwady 12 months ago

Yeah earth isn’t moving so why are we called a planet/wandering star?!

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Zwady 12 months ago

we don't live on a planet, we live on a plane. But great interview!

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Biden Embarrasses Himself on World Stage As Ukraine Crisis Escalates - FULL SHOW 1/25/22
26 Jan 2022
Biden Embarrasses Himself on World Stage As Ukraine Crisis Escalates - FULL SHOW 1/25/22
TheAlexJonesChannel · 24 Views