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Doctors Find Link Between Covid Vaccine And Cancer
26 Jan 2022
Doctors Find Link Between Covid Vaccine And Cancer
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Dr. Jason Loken ND | The Manipulation of Numbers and Informed Consent



⁣The Manipulation of Numbers and Informed Consent Dr. Jason Loken ND

⁣⁣This is an essential video to watch in order to understand how statistics can be used to mislead the public and health care professionals alike.Highlights- Learn the difference between Absolute Risk reduction and Relative Risk reduction
- Understand what numbers you MUST know in order to make an informed decision
- Learn how media, big pharma and others can mislead you without technically lying. See Full Episode With Dr. Erik Rifkin
Join The Movement & Learn More at:
Are Medical Tests as Good as We Think They Are? - Dec 3, 2019
This Episode is going to blow your mind!!. Erik Rifkin PhD, an environmental scientist and author of "The Illusion of Certainty," and most recently his book, "Interpreting Health Risks and Benefits,"breaks down the huge difference between "Relative Risk" VS "Absolute Risk"...and the difference is staggering!! We look at many commonplace medical tests and treatments and how effective they actually are when viewed through the lens of absolute risk rather than relative risk. Learn just how effective, or not, tests such as mammograms, bone density tests, PSA testing, colonoscopy, cholesterol medication and more actually are. - Dr. Erik Rifkin 2007.
The Illusion of Certainty: Health Benefits and Risks peels away the "veneer of certainty" which many of us attach to health risk and benefit information given to us in our daily lives. It was written and designed primarily to assist the public in comprehending and interpreting the uncertainty associated with the overwhelming amount of information on medical and environmental health risks. Rifkin is an environmental scientist who has had over 35 years of experience in assessing and characterizing human health and ecological risks. Dr. Rifkin is coauthor of the books, The Illusion of Certainty - Health Benefits and Risks and Interpreting Health Benefits and Risks - A Guide to Facilitate Doctor-Patient Communication, both

Discern for Yourself.

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⁣Dr. Jason Loken ND, The Manipulation of Numbers and Informed Consent, ⁣July 5 2021.

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SisterEarth 7 months ago

thank you for this valuable information.

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MikeCat 7 months ago

⁣⁣ASDA manager won't let exempt maskless man buy food. ⁣

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GameChangers 7 months ago

mRNA Vaccine Rollout: Three Stooges EXPOSED: A must see!...No laughing matter!!;

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Doctors Find Link Between Covid Vaccine And Cancer
26 Jan 2022
Doctors Find Link Between Covid Vaccine And Cancer
TheAlexJonesChannel · 113 Views